NHL Futures : Interpreting Western Conference Futures 4/12

NHL Futures 4/12


Value can be found in the NHL futures for three teams to advance to the Western Conference Finals.  Usually there is a clear cut favorite like Washington in the east but this is not the case in the west.  Three teams have equal prices but their chances are not the same.  Learn how to read the mind of our linesmaker to divine whom he thinks is the true leader of the pack to advance to the Western Conference Final.

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The specials of the day are three fold.  All paying off +300 are the following teams.  Chicago, Dallas, and LA.  These prices are intended to bring a balance in the wagering.  One does not want slanted action on one team but an even distribution so that some can win while others do not.  So what are two key items that get buried in the mind’s of the sports fan that comes forth in the playoffs?


First is how recent have they hoisted the Cup?  Might be a regular season warrior but people default to those that make it all the way to hoist Stanley in the air at the end.  This is the case with both the Kings and Blackhawks.  LA has two championships in six years.  Dynasty is the word that is associated with Chicago these years as they have three cups in the same time span.  Combine this with the markets they are located in.  Natives and even those that are transplanted bet their home teams.  The populations and markets (especially Chicago) means that one has to combat the lemmings.  It does not mean that it is not a good future but they will bet it at any price.  This goes a long way in setting the bar.

Western Conference action is set to start off on Wednesday with Chicago at St. Louis.  Good fortune in your handicapping thought process.  DO not forget to get in those NHL futures today. We will see you later on here at the HRW.


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