NHL Game Seven : St.Louis @ Chicago 4/25

NHL Game Seven betting opportunities are to be coveted both for the profit and action it gives us.  An all or nothing proposition where either St. Louis or Chicago is done.  Will the defending Stanley Cup Champions finally be sent home packing?  This is almost a pickem moneyline.  Now is the time to reap the profit of your hockey handicapping potential with this at 8:30PM on Monday the 25th.

NHL Game Seven : Forward From Game Six

NHL Game Seven


Key moments in momentum have to be looked at as a 3-1 lead got squandered to a 6-3 loss.  First off is that St. Louis can not go into a shell.  This was proven as all they had to do is survive two periods and even give one goal back.  The goals that the Blackhawks got were not of the fluke variety.  A high degree of talent was needed to cobble together these scores.  It was not that Brian Elliott in goal gave away the store.  He had to face 19 shots while most of the action was in his end.  In particular, the Blues can not allow Artemi Panarin open space.  His passes were slick and he had good vision.  So at home, they have to just keep going, pound Panarin, and leave Elliott on an island more if it translate to significantly less sustained pressure.

Dam Gave Way

Last game was the first that was not decided by a lone goal.  The dam gave way and the Blues were swept away.  Let us look at the money line and see if the totals shifted upward.  St. Louis is the -110 favorite at home.  Total of five is the same as it has been.  The under on this is where the chalk is at near -115.  History is not  as strong in Gae Seven as they were in Game Six as seen before.

  1. 15-1 now in Game Sixes
  2. 2-2 in the game sevens

Look closely at the press clippings coming out of this one.  St. Louis is pointing and saying that only in the second period were they outplayed.  Natural to think this and keep a positive mindset but this is the one facet the the Blues are not getting.  Psychological warfare is very real.  Pietrangelo flew off at the mouth before the last game and it failed.  Now they are doing it again.  Poking the bear with a stick is not advisable here.

Former champs have the pedigree against a franchise that can not get over the hump.  They still do not grasp the tiny details that can propel them here.  Blackhawks are the play here once again on the Moneyline.  Good fortune on Monday and make some money in this big moment of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


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