NHL Predictions : First Round 4/14

NHL Predictions


HRWager’s NHL Predictions are looking forward to the series that start on April 14th.  The home office feels that the four that begin on Thursday hold the most value for your sports investment speculation.  So let us at the HRW ramp up our Stanley Cup coverage with a quick peek at the matchups that pinged the radar.


NHL Predictions : Caps and Flyers

In the eyes of fans and linesmakers, this is the most lopsided of all the first round matchups.  The Capitals have been on cruise control while the Flyers had to scratch and claw to get in.  Alas, Washington is hurt by two things here.  First is that they are not the most physical team in the league.  Their willingness to lay down the body both on checks and shot blocking will not match the Flyers here.  Knocking the rust will also take a game.  The lock game of the series is the second game as here is where Washington will see the most improvement while the Flyers will hit the wall.  Recommendation is the Washington ML on the second game to parlay with your other selections.

Every Game of the Panthers – Islanders

Here we expect a very short series.  The Islanders under achieved and are soft on the physical side.  Injuries for them also are a hinderment as their wingers are thin and their starting goalie is out.  Florida has Luongo will be very strong here.  Look for Huberdeau and Ekbald to overperform.  While blind wagering is rarely encouraged, one could probably go ML every game on Florida as 4-1 series score would not be out of the realm of possibility.  Free Pick : Game One ML FLorida and then evaluate every future game with preference on the Panthers.

These hold a higher degree of predictability than the Kings-Sharks and Stars- Wild.  Do not forget about the Capitols Game Two.  Strongest play in the whole first round.  Good fortune in your hockey investing and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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