NHL Preview : St Louis at Chicago Game Six 4/23

NHL Preview 4/23

HRWager’s NHL Preview examines if the genie is already out of the bottle for the Blues vs Blackhawks series.  St. Louis failed to close it out at home and now have to travel to Chicago to seal the deal.  If they fail then all the chips are on the table in a Game Seven where the Blues will have no momentum.  Oddmakers have dubbed the Blackhawks near -150 favorites for this 6PM start.  Does HRWager agree with this projection?


NHL Preview : Pietrangelo’s Punt

Most know to just be quiet and now sing to the hills until all the dirt is shoveled on the corpse.  Alas, Alex Pietrangelo could not resist taunting the Blackhawks through the press and now Chicago has woken from their slumber.  “Going to be fun winning it in Chicago!” is a sentiment best kept to oneself.  Ture that the Blues did beat the Blackhawks in their own crib for Game Three and Four wins but one should have just left it alone.  This is on the heels of letting it all go in double overtime the night before.

Patrick Kane is Back?

On the ice but MIA for the most part, this was a bad series for Patrick Kane until last time out.  He found the net in double overtime to get both his and the team’s momentum back for Game Six.  First goal for him might get Toews off the scoring slump as well.  Even with both them playing better, the Blackhawks have to address the key issue.  Late collapses and will it happen again this evening.

This is all about reputation.  Chicago is a dynasty while the Blues have been flubbing and squandering chances for years.  Another time for St. Louis to tighten up and let another game go.  Motivated beyond belief, the Blackhawks find another way to win in a game where they should not.  HRWager urges our customer base to invest in the Chicago ML at -160.  Good fortune and we will see you on Sunday here at the HRW.


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