NHL Tip to Topple Linemakers 12/6

HRwager’s radar pinged today as our NHL tip team came across an angle to exploit this evening.  One of the lines has become very loose and should be pounced on.  It is an intriguing and dynamic matchup between the Senators and the Rangers this evening.  Plenty of profit to be had and an entertaining game to behold is the essence of sports investment.  So sit back and be prepared to pounce on this one.

NHL Tip : Offensive Focus

NHL tip

No one can debate the scoring prowess of Karlsson in Ottawa.  Six more points in the last two games has him near the top of all defensemen.  He is the main reason that the Sens excel on the road.  However, tonight is going to be the monkeywrench into the works.  What is not widely recognized is that even talented defensemen tail off in the second game of a back to back.  Couple that with the team having to travel from home to New York and leaden legs will be all around the rink for Ottawa this evening.

Rangers Well Rested

Fall off for NYR directly corresponding to a high concentration of games in a short span of days.  Now the worst is over and they can get back to their winning ways.  This means goal restriction.  Two days off in a row and being at home for the whole spurt will rejuvenate them.  Plus with rumors of putting their talented rookie on the first line will give one or two games to regain chemistry.

ML Rangers would be good but near -180 gives us pause.  However, the total for a NYR is at 5 1/2.  Rare enough even though it comes at -135.  Bite the bullet and wager the total on the low side.  It has a much better chance of coming in than the -135 price indicates.  Good fortune with our free pick and we will see you later today here at HRWager.


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