NHL Tip : Total on the Rangers at the Panthers 11/21

Situations transpire to bring HRWager readers the NHL Tip of the total on the Rangers and Panthers game on 11/21.  New York has not disappointed this season as their are near the top of the league.  Their recent nine game winning streak has been snapped and now is the bounceback game for them.  Find out what resistance will be present at this game and the surprising turn this total might take.

NHL Tip : Long Trips


Two types of jaunts grind down the will of NHL teams.  The trek westward in Canada is a tiresome bleak affair with plenty of snow and cold to greet sore muscles.  Difficult to just enjoy life and by the end, one just wants to get back home.  The other is the more fun and sun variety down in Florida.  The skin and sights tend to distract the very best and worst teams in the league.  Those that are secure in their position and the hopeless alike look more to frolic and spend then hipcheck the trip away.

Ben Bishop

The other factor is that the NYR started this trip playing their way and Bishop got them again in the regular season.  He goes to 9-0-0 and at the same time snaps the nine game winning streak with the 2-1 Lightning win.  First of the two games down south saw the Rangers give a grand effort for naught.  Now the solace has come in spending that hard earned money and enjoying the break before going back to cold New York.

They are still professional and will show up to try and win the game.  However, the defensive effort will suffer. Goals will be easier to score on both sides of the puck.  The Rangers are only 3-4-1 in the last eight totals when it is five.  It is five and the over is only -110 right now.  Go with the over and watch one of the more open Rangers’ games this season.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.

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