NHL Trends for 2/22 and Beyond


An immense week for NHL trends is coming up starting on 2/22.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Here we are to propel you to profit with the best on ice product in the world.  The season is still stable.  Few teams have packed it in but the majority are still grinding away.  We are going to exploit this by  punching holes in the antiquated math models in hockey.



NHL Trends : Puckline

Caps are your big win team of the moment.  Many games in a row where they have scored more than three goals each.  The amazing trend is that only one of their last eight have gone on the over.  Pucklines should still be raining down for this team as they are rock solid on the defense as of late.

Other Salient Points

  1. Blues are healthy and have won four straight because of it.
  2. Islanders come alive with Greiss in the pipes.  One goal greater per game when this goalie starts.
  3. Sharks kill it on the road.  20-8-2 makes them a team to embrace against mid level competition.

Fade Away

  1. Detroit on the road as they average only 2.4 goals on the road this year.
  2. Unders in Calgary games.  Team is having fun scoring goals but let even more in these days
  3. Flyers trade rumors have the lockerroom up in arms.  Chemistry usually seems to be an issue with them as of late.

So watch out for these teams for the good and the bad.  Remember to get it in early at HRWager.  We pay fast and offer some great promotional features. Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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