NHL Wagering : Let the Chase on Fading Montreal Begin

NHL Wagering has been stood on its head for the start of the 2015 season.  We have a perfect Montreal team that is also the Puck line darling at a record of 7-2 at – 1 1/2 goals.  How have they achieved this high level so early?  What dimension of their play gives us our free picks of the week?  Explore with HRWager the strategy to pluck profit and exploit inflated lines at the same time with the Habs.

NHL Wagering : West Coast Woes


Off to the Pacific and back again across Canada is the trek that Montreal has to undertake.  Vancouver and then a back to back affair in Edmonton and Calgary is daunting enough for any team.  What makes this doubly so for the Habs is the ingredient on why we loved them puckline for so long!  It has to do with letting it all hang loose and trusting Price to hold the ship while they attempt to bury the other team.

Changing Gears

For the most part, this is superior than their past philosophy to just hunkering down and holding on.  It will produce a lot more points and keep the players happy.  What it also does is test the fitness level of all their players?  Full tilt can only be achieved for so long before a piston misfires.  This trip is where the gas tank could empty even in the early part of the season.  Young legs in Alberta will thrive to skate up in down the rink with Montreal in the later two games of this trek.

Here is how you exploit this!  It is called a chase and should be implemented rarely.  Bet On Vancouver game one.  If Montreal wins then double down the amount to win against the Oilers.  FInally take it to the limit if they proceed to Calgary with win streak still intact by doubling again.  West coast treks are infamous on east coast teams.  Now is the time to pounce and chase for your NHL Wagering profit starting Tuesday night, 10/26.


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