NHL Wagering : Trends to Start November

Injuries play havoc with hockey more than most any sport.  It is not that one particular person is more missed than in other leagues.  The NHL relies on flow and cohesion because of the physical toll that a long season takes on the average player.  In today’s edition of the HRWager Blog, we look at two teams that have cracks in their foundation due to players missing time.  One is obvious while the other is doing well but ready to fall off the cliff.  So join us now as we reveal the two teams to fade off into the sunset as November is now upon us.

Half the Forwards Out


Not only does the math work against them but that it effects their top three lines has this team in turmoil.  They actually have overcome this as of recent winning eight of their last eleven.  However, they are several steps slower in the skating department.  Their attack is starting to stagnate.  At least the St. Louis Blues realize that to weather this rash of injuries, they have to slow it down.  This equates to two trends.  The first is to fade the Blues for the next two weeks as their energy reserves are almost depleted.  Secondly, team total goals for them should be invested on the under as well.

Key Cog Counted Out Til Mid November

One franchise has not reacted well to losing their second line center.  Instead of coming together, the Sharks have immediately started to plummet.  Logan Coutrue and his point creating ability has certainly hindered an already fragile Shark’s offense.  With them resorting to placing wingers in the center spot until his slated mid November return, San Jose will have little hope in overcoming this.

There you have it.  Wake up and consult the daily NHL schedule.  As soon s you see St. Louis and or San Jose, you have your jumping off point for potential profit.  Place the appropriate wagers as your experience dictates and wait for that potential windfall.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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