NHL Wagering : Washington @ San Jose 3/12

NHL Wagering 3/12


HRWager has decided to look into the betting angle for Washington at San Jose on March 12th.  The home town sharks have been complaining about their skating ice all season.  Is it a valid reason for their awful home record?  What effect could it have on a higher scoring team like the Capitols (49-13-5)?   Join us now as we look at a game where the best team in the league is virtually a pick em on the west coast tonight at 10:30 PM.

NHL Wagering : Sharks Home and Away


37-24-6 are the Sharks as they have almost salted away the third spot in the Pacific with a 15 point lead over the Coyotes.  This decent record almost masks the polarizing situation of San Jose playing horribly at home.  Look at this split.

  1. Home 12-15-3
  2. Away 25-9-3

Few teams in the last decade or so have had this much success on the road while being virtually a coin flip at home.  The home team has been pointing to the over use of SAP arena as being the problem.   The busy venues of the NHL have to battle with more ice quality conditions as some dates require hard floors.  Concerts in particular are a popular choice at the Sharks home.  What this does is decrease the advantage of the higher skill players.  It brings it down to a greater level playing field where contact instead of speed creates chances.

Road Show

SO now on the 11th, Jeff Dunham had a performance at SAP.  He is a world famous ventriloquist.  Now a new ice surface has to be poured right after his show packs it up.  This is one of the reasons why the Caps have moved from +104 to -110 region.  Level playing field as the home team does not know what they skate on again.  This dynamic translates into our NHL Free Pick of the Day.

Coin toss with Washington having the better talent means -110 is a reasonable price here.  However, the totals is certainly to be afffected.  Who knows how the ice would be poured?  Most times it takes a day or two to settle and the crew to address problem spots.  Look for passes to hop and jump.  One timers will be that much more difficult.  HRWager encourages an investment on the Under 5 1/2 goals this evening.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.

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