Now is the Time to Deposit


Good Morning to everyone at HRWager.  We take a moment from our sports dominated fare in our blog to bring up bankroll.  That number in our accounts that gives us the freedom to pursue the angles and tips we get in any number of sporting leagues.  Sometimes the situation warrants a small investment.  A safe bet on a perceived edge in a baseball game for example.  Others are what we like to term as YOLO.  These only live once moments occur when a person encounters a line or spread that is so contrary to our sporting wisdom and instincts that it begs for decisive action.  What happens when the menu for the day has so many items to sample that the funds available can not cope with the myriad of profit potential that we see?


Deposit : Free Play

This is where the free play comes in.  A risk free path to trod down that could have the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  On the front page has the baseball bonus.  It is a freeplay for a current deposit.  What this free play allows is to add two different dimensions for the continued health of your bankroll.

  1. Free Play can be used right away to get the current amount even higher.  This allows for more fluid motion and bigger bets right at the start when your funds would be at risk.
  2. Golden Parachute theory-  Have it tucked away like an ace up your sleeve.  If events on the field transpire against you then one can attempt to build back up the bankroll with this instead of reloading at that moment.  It is akin to winning that extra game in pinball.  Another shot at sports wagering glory.

SO get those bankrolls up in order by contacting customer support.  A deposit at HRWager is an investment in yourself.  Prove that your sporting wisdom is superior to the linesmakers right now.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.



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