Olympic Gold Medal Game : USA Serbia 8/21


One of the banner events to RIO 2016 is the Olympic Gold Medal Game in men’s basketball.  Today at 2:30PM, we get to see the USA defend the gold against Serbia.  Group play almost saw a shocker as this team came close to snapping the States win streak.  Alas even in the face of that, the USA are 15 point favorites to repeat once again.  Where can we get the profit from this game to close out our successful run in the Olympics?

Olympic Gold Medal Game : Aussies Dominated by Serbs in Semi

Serbia has taken a measure of revenge in RIO.  Teams that were upsetting them the last few years in International play have been falling by the wayside.  14 points for the entire half did the Aussies score in the semi finals as the Serbs put the defensive clamps on the team.  Offensive rebounds were not to be found by Bogut and company.  Now on one of the biggest roles this underachiever has been on, they get another crack at the United States.  They have the size and talent to do so on the frontcourt.  Can they bog down the US just enough to pull off the near impossible today?

That Higher Gear

Even in the Spain semifinal for the United States, offensive flow was missing.  Six technical fouls early on by the refs stalled the game in the early going.  Even in the third quarter, the US was leading just 53-48.  Final margain had a lot of emergency points by Spain but the result was never in doubt.  However, the sharp really took notice of this.  A -18 1/2 opening value has gotten bet down to -15.  Lot of concentrated action on the Serbs for this one.

Gold medal round is where the US decides to flex its muscles.  Last six times they have won in the neighborhood of 30 points + with the exception of Australia.  This team will come out flying.  Look for dominance to start right away.  Look for a complete performance for once here.  USA -15 will line your pocket with green as the US collects another gold today.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.


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