Ottawa Montreal CFL Free Pick to Open September

Ottawa Montreal

Parity rules the roost up north as Ottawa Montreal meet for HRWager’s CFL Free Pick to open up September.  Great to see everyone here at HRWager here on this last day in August.  Seven teams are tightly compacted in the standings.  Only Calgary in the penthouse and the Roughriders down in the basement having defined roles in the power rankings.  Everyone else has had their moments of ebb and flow in the 2016 season.  Which team will we ride the wave of profit in on for Thursday night’s 7:30 PM start?

Ottawa Montreal : Good Timing

Montreal scored six touchdowns on Ottawa just a few weeks ago in the Redblacks nest.  Now Ottawa is on the road where the oddsmakers have give them a -1 point road favorite status.  Sharps have taken this and ran the price up to – 2 1/2 and even -3 in a few markets.  Why the reasons for optimism on a team that got trounced by the other a while back?  It is because Ottawa has a bye coming up after this game and several of the keys in the blowout loss should not manifest themselves in this particular situation!


Why Ottawa?

First off, Trevor Harris is back and has had enough game time to knock the rust off of his game.  Ottawa’s offense was humming when he went down.  Now with the last game under his belt, that degree of touch on his passes should be back.  Used to the speed of play, he should have few problems picking apart the below average Montreal defense. Now Ottawa might give up quite a few points here.  Their lack of overall depth and merely average defense are concerns.  But with the bye coming right up, the gas tank can be ran close to empty in this one.

With fewer regards to keeping an even effort each week, Ottawa will expend more energy in this one.  A key game that will allow them to reassert themselves in the race for the playoffs.  Ottawa is the better team and can play harder with the bye arriving. – 2 1/2 is no problem to cover for this RedBlacks team against Montreal.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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