PGA Free Picks : Health Concerns Fuel Masters Bet 4/7

PGA Free Picks 4/7

Easy Masters profit starting 4/7 is the fuel for our PGA Free Picks.  Bankrolls will rocket towards higher levels after hearing the latest news.  Normally, former champions can lean on their wealth of experience at Augusta National.  However, recent revelations about health concerns just made the mainstream media.  What is even better is that the lines were established before the articles were published!  Find out why Bubba Watson is your fade of the weekend at the Masters.


PGA Free Picks : Pesky Sinus Problems

Monday was bedrest under a doctor’s supervision.  While we feel for the extreme sinus conditions he is going through, his suffering is meaningful to our profit potential.  When a golfer says he would go out there with one arm, it is a crystal clear omen.

  1. He is going to see the event all the way to his end.
  2. Hedging his performance because it is probably going to be sub optimal

He says that he is 80 percent right now.  He got in some action on Tuesday but his legs are wobbly after not being able to keep food down recently.  Let us look at who he is pitted against in the heads up matches to line our pockets with profit starting 4/7.

Big Three

Open up the wagering client and pounce on the Big Three against Bubba.  Rory, Jason, and Jordan all have head to head matches against Watson.  All are favorites over him but not by a prohibitive level of chalk.  This situation is so ripe that one can even pick their favorite golfer to rail because the advantage all three have over Bubba is that great.

ESPN and CBS bring you this first major of 2016.  While forecasting the winner would be nice, it is not necessary here.  Our job is to get you more bang for your buck.  By fading this former two time champion, your Masters viewing experience will be that much greater because of the great potential to walk away a little bit richer.


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