PGA Prediction for the BMW Championship 9/17

For those arriving at a PGA prediction, the Fed Ex Championship events present an increased chance at profit.  The fields feature only the elite as just the top 7o can enter these late season events.  A few golfers have found their second wind while others are under the millstone after a very long season.  Join us here at HRWager as we unveil our predictions for the BMW Championships which start on 9/17.

PGA Predictions : Leaders of the Pack?

PGA Prediction

Line makers all over the industry are too married into the world rankings when it comes to the futures of winning the events.  This is one of the secrets to divining profit.  Two of the three favorites for this event hold little value.  Rory is still finding his game after injury and can not be counted on in this elite field.  Meanwhile, Jordan Spieth has had the best year but it has been a busy one.  While the week off will recharge the batteries, the two missed cuts in a row are too overwhelming to ignore.  Both are passes.

Rickie Fowler

No use for fancy words as we will let his stats do the talking.  Six top tens in his nineteen events means that he has not overdone it event wise for 2015.  He won one event already and while this precludes him from our futures consideration, the value in his game here is in the head to head matchups.  He will gain you strokes here because of his accuracy at the green from 225 to 250 yards.  This is the lynch pin to your success this weekend.

    So scope out Rickie Fowler and bet him where you can.  His streaky nature makes him good for that first round burst.  He may not have the staying power after winning the Deutsche but we pocket the profit where we can.  Good fortune with our free pick and we will talk to you tomorrow here in the blog section of HRWager.


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