PGA Tour : Fed Ex Cup Ten Million Dollar Bonus Claimed

HRWager’s PGA Tour News Department would like to formally congratulate Jordan Spieth as he pushed the envelope to what a pro could earn on the links.  Sunday saw the conquest of East Lake as Jordan Spieth took down the year’s final event.  With this four stroke win, he laid claim to the richest prize in the sport of golf.  Find out all of the details in and around this and why golf wagering offers an excellent avenue for profit here at HRWager.

PGA Tour : More Than a Major?

PGA tour

British Opens and Green Jackets are meant to be cherished.  Yet how does an event whose ultimate culmination could net one ten million dollars rank?  By Jordan’s own words, he approached it like the four premier events because of the potential payday at the end.  This was reflective in his hard working attitude.  One hears that a champion is the first to get on the practice course and this is what Spieth did.  Monday morning saw him already on East Lake’s course.  This translated into a tangible advantage with the putter  Players saw the numbers being posted on the scoreboard.  His four hole stretch on Sunday in which he had three birdies came with the realization that he was not going to be caught.


Vijay Singh can say goodbye to his single season earnings record.  Jordan at just over $12M owns the mark free and clear by a cool million.  The consistent shifting of the world #1 in the rankings seems to be at an end with Jordan getting some comfort at the top spot.  Five wins in a season is also a benchmark not seen since 1929.  As the point leader, he also gets the full ten million dollar bonus from the Fed Ex Cup.

A great season by Jordan and also those who invest in their PGA sporting knowledge at HRWager.  Round by round matchups for individual sessions or for the whole tournament could be wagered on.  Investments for futures to win the event or place in the top x spots are also lucrative.  A full weekend of watching plus the chance to churn profit is what HRWager is about.  Invest in your sporting knowledge today and take on the lines that we offer today.

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