PGA’s Silver Medalist and Master’s Hype

The PGA needs more polarizing figures.  While John Daly has a love him or leave him feel, he is more side show than investment.  Bad boys of the golf world are missing.  So then we have to transition to the loveable loser category.  Golf has one name associated with the term runner up.  He is the all time great at amassing Silve Medals.  He did so last weekend.  We will look at Phi Mickelson and how emotion should not get in the way of a valuable fade come major time.

Six US Open Silver Medals

Masters 2016 Fades

While Tiger does not torment him anymore, time still does so.  Each time he goes into the fourth round with the lead and falters, stories like this hit the wire.  An even round 72 is not exactly a collapse but the field has extra hope when Lefty leads.  Pebble Beach saw this happen as Vaughn Taylor is the latest of the faceless or legends to lap him in the final leg.  While we have empathy for Phil, this should be the last rodeo of top finishes for a while.


Well is Dry

Talent he had and then Tiger gave him drive.  He shed the weight but not the albatross over his neck.  He has turned into the consumate grinder that is a bridesmaid.  Can he make cuts?  Hell Yes!  Is he good for heads up wagering?  In all but the final round.  Here he turns into the fade of all time.  With his advanced age, the bounceback from adversity is not there.  He still has the mental stubborness but no longer the energy to pull off one more major.

So if you want to bet with your heart, give Phil a go in the first rounds.  Here is where he has over value.  Make a cut and maybe the third round HU’s are advantageous.  In the running for the last one, sure why not.  Leading or near the top he is a fade in the last round.  A great champion but this Silver Medalist will not find gold again in a Grand Slam event.


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