Playoff Races in Action Last Night

Playoff Races

Playoff Races have effected cities in different ways.  Over 32.000 came out to see the Mets and cheer them on as Cespedes went Clubber Lang on a pitch in extra innings.  Baltimore is getting little fan support and are still in the wild card spot.  Let us look at these two teams right now here at HRWager.


Playoff Races : Bump in the Night

What a night as the Marlins invade New York to take on the Mets.  Scoreless draw as we head into the eight.  Ichiro gets a double and eventually scores to put Miami (67-64) up one to nothing.  Passed ball in the bottom of the inning allows Reyes to scamper home and tie the game. We go to extra innings where we hear the contact with the ball.  Not needing to see the Cespedes bat flip, we know the game was over as he clobbered home the winning run 2-1 in extra innings.  This has gotten the Mets tied with Miami and puts them within eyesight of the Cardinals for the last wild card spot as baseball is preparing to enter September.



Courtesy of MLB.Com on Youtube

Camden Yards Have Quit?

Less than 16,000 people were in attendance as Toronto (75-36) beat Baltimore 5-1 last night. At 71-60, the Orioles are still in the race for the playoffs but have little fan support to show for it.  Seating capacity is over 45,000 at Camden Yards.  It is not that Baltimore is sub par at home.  So far this year, they are 42-23 at home.  Quite a bit of productivity for the money shelled out for the few Baltimore fans that could be bothered going to the game.  The team has to have taken notice of the lack of support.  Expect this team to tank for September in part because the fan base will not get off of their collective behinds to support the team.

Playoff baseball is getting most teams involved.  One team not willing to do so is the Baltimore Orioles.  Be prepared to fade them on the road and at home for the upcoming month.  Good fortune to you today and we will see you later on here at the HRWager.


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