Polar Bowl : Seattle at Minnesota 1/10

Stay inside and load up on the pizza, snacks, and beer for it is time for the Polar Bowl NFL style.  Seattle visits Minnesota to play in frigid cold.  This is translating to the ultimate home field advantage as the weather plays into the strength of the Vikings.  Good morning and welcome to HR Wager.  We are going to look at the elements of the game and the +5 that the home team is getting here.  Which will will the polar winds blow towards profit in this one

Polar Bowl : Yards After Contact


Adrian has won the rushing title with the most yards but they were not the highest of quality.  His 2.54 yards after contact put him in the lower half of the league.  Now the good thing is that the near zero degree temperature makes it harder for anyone to generate the same amount of push.  Cold muscles do not work the same.  The advantage that Seattle might have had over the Vikings in this dimension is greatly reduced.  Even the fleet of foot Russell Wilson will have a harder time gaining the corner.  Ergo the Vikings do not have to honor him as much as a runner on Sunday.


The Total is plunging but the line of +5 is holding steady.  Another additional advantage to the people who wager on the Vikings.  This plays into the wheel house of both defenses.  Minnesota will have their NT back for this one.  One facet that is weak on Seattle is the offensive line against quality nose tackles.  With Marshawn knocking rust off of his game, Minnesota benefits from the cold once again.

Deep balls are going to be limited.  Since Teddy is under a cautious game plan, his management of the game grows in value.  As long as the staff can keep him from getting frustrated with himself, the Vikings are in good shape for this one.  Lots of punts with Minnesota getting close in this one.  Take the +5 and enjoy the Polar Bowl this Sunday.

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