Pay Per Head – Online Sports Wagering Software

One of the main reasons why private bookies continue to thrive in such a competitive marketplace is through the support of a pay per head site.

The pay per head bookie services industry provides the necessary software solutions to run any bookmaking operating online. Most of these bookie services sites are owned and operated in Costa Rica due to a very favorable legal climate.

The idea of processing all of your bookie transactions online provides a high level of security and reliability with the right pay per head service in place. In reality, this is the only way to run a private bookie business in today’s marketplace.

The question you need to be asking as a private bookie is ‘what am I really getting for my weekly per head fees?


RDG Corp

Online Bookie Software and Per Head Service

Since 1996, RDG Corp has continued to provide the safest, most reliable pay per head services at the best prices for the offshore sports betting industry.

As in any industry offering products and/or services, there are the best of the best and the rest. If you are serious about running and managing an independent book, you need to quickly discard the rest and focus your due diligence on working with one of the ‘best of the best’ pay per head bookie services site.

Teaming up with a cheap PPH service will cost you far more money in the long run than you think you are saving upfront. Since you are only paying a weekly per head fee cost for each active bettor, you can afford to step up your plan.

There are high-quality pay per head services charging around $10 per active head each week. By simply raising the weekly handle of each active bettor by $20 per week, the cost of your bookie services is basically covered.

It is far more profitable to increase the handle of your current betting base than adding more customers. The top PPH services offer numerous ways to do just that. It starts with an extended betting board covering a wide variety of sports and sporting events.

Even if you only choose to concentrate your efforts on major betting sports, you can increase the weekly handle through added betting options. A great example of this is betting props. These are proven money makers that can be used to increase volume all year long.

You also need the proper software tools to manage your betting board. This includes real time business analytics that show each active customer’s current position. Instant edit capabilities allow you to move lines and make changes to your entire board. You also need the ability to change betting and credit limits on an account by account basis.

By fully understanding the capabilities of your pay per head provider, you can also maximize the value in the cost of your per head fees. The best of the best in the industry will go out of their way to add value to the products and services they offer.

Never underestimate the importance of professional business support when it comes to finding the right pay per head site. The ones at the top of the list have the necessary experience and level of expertise to properly support your efforts.