Preakness Preview Part One :All About Nyquist 5/13

HRWager’s Preakness Preview Part One looks at factors outside of Nyquists control.  With the race just a short eight days away, it is safe to that the world already knows what the Kentucky Derby champ has to offer.  It is not that we will be missing coverage but with a week out that we have some other investments here to mull over.  With that in mind, join us at the HRW to look at the possibility of profit outside the control of the favorite here at the Preakness.

Preakeness Preview Part One : Wednesday Post

It is easy to get lost in the logjam of pedigrees, stats, and workouts to forget that what we are wagering on is an animal.  For the handicapper, it really behooves one either to watch them run or rely on someone who has.  HRWager has contacts in many of the popular racing states that have witnessed their progression.  Ala,s we do not have anyone in Japan to have watched Lani but for a lot of the field, we have a tangible advantage.  This will be combined with what the post positions are when they are drawn for this Wednesday the 18th.  For example, if your perspective horse draws an inside slot then he must have good speed at the start lest your investment gets bogged down for the entirety of the race.  This is your number one key to wait for on Wednesday.

California Chrome Conspiracy Theory

Remember that this middle race is not always a requisite to be ran in.  Before American Pharoah won the Triple Crown last year, owners faced a very real conspiracy theory against them.  Most of the quality horses that have a chance at beating Nyquist wont be ran here.  This is why so much more often we have that candidate coming into the Belmont with a chance to win the crown.  At the third race is where all the stables empty with rested horses to derail the hopes of a California Chrome for example.  Listen to the owner of that ill fated horse go on about this.

Why show a rant from the Belmont?  Because the field lays in wait here.  The lines in sportsbooks have Nyquist as the favorite.  He is one not only because of the horse that he is but because some high profile competition is sitting out.  We will cover this in Part II when the post positions are drawn.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.


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