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More Action equals Better Rewards

Bonuses are piling up with Frequent Player Rewards

With this new promotion from HRWager, frequent players are going to have more chances at winning with our Frequent Player Rewards!

HRWager’s new promotion will be a huge help to those who help themselves by introducing three rewards that can be earned by HRWager members. The three rewards are received upon making separate deposits of $100 or more to receive Free Play bonuses!

For players to unlock each reward here are the deposit that need to be made:

  • 1st deposit: $100+ or more to receive a 50% Free Play 4x rollover bonus
  • 2nd deposit: $100+ or more to receive another 50% Free Play 4x rollover bonus
  • 3rd deposit: $100+ or more and receive a 50% FP 4x rollover and $50 Free Play with 5x rollover bonus

All deposits must be made within a 30-day period for players to receive the full benefits of this promotion.

These rewards can be earned multiple times!

For every $100+ deposit players will receive a bonus. That means every 3rd deposit within 30-days will give players a $50 Free Play bonus!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Regular Free play rules apply. Click here to see all our Free Play rules.
  • To redeem your Free Play you need to contact customer service
  • Valid only for Person to Person transfers
  • The minimum deposit amount required to participate in this promotion is $100.00
  • The maximum Free Play reward in the case of Bonuses is $1000.00
  • No withdrawals can be processed until the rollover requirements have been met.
  • This offer is intended for Recreational Players only.
  • Upper management reserves the right to approve or forfeit any of these offers and holds the right to withdraw said promotion in the cases it deems as necessary.
  • Promotion is valid until Dec 31st, 2020.
  • Any applicable bonuses must be claimed at the time of deposit, and before making use of the money deposited. Failure to claim the bonus at this time will result in forfeiture.


  • 100% Free Play Bonus
  • 20% Cash Bonus
  • HRWager Benefits
  • Frequent Player Rewards