Public Crushes New Year’s Day Bowl Games

One side of the fence had it right but not by the degree hoped for.  Rankings did not determine the true power of a team for the first day of 2016.  Iowa was higher ranked and never had a sniff at the Rose Bowl.  Instead, the linesmakers were correct across the board in dubbing which teams triumphed to start 2016.  Alas for them and good for us that the degree of separation between teams was under estimated.  Let us look at how the public triumphed to start 2016 and where it should continue as January marches on.

Profitable at Least

College Football Free Pick

Secretly, we want to cover all our wagers in last minute fashion.  It imparts entertainment, adrenaline, and profit all with a tidy bow.  If we can not have that, then make our bets so convincing that we can toast to our success from halftime on.  This is how 2016 started out in college football.  The winners scored in the forty point range with their defenses restraining the competition.  Result is five favorite covers is easy fashion.  Ohio State was probably the closest thing to a game because of the boredom back door potential cover.  Level of dominance is hopefully a trend fans can continue to cash in on today.

Cactus Bowl

Two teams from struggling conferences that did not do well in them clash to close out the second of Jan.  Arizona State (6-6) was in a lot of their games all the way to the fourth quarter but could not prevent big plays from occurring.  West Virginia (7-5) had four losses to the top 25 but are in the Big 12.  The conference that flopped the hardest of the power five.  Linesmakers and the money actually clashed in this one. ASU opened as a minor – 1 1/2 point favorite only to see WVU take it all the way to – 2 1/2 on the Mountaineers.  Line movement is correct on this one.  WVU has a under six foot receiver that has been torching defense all year long.  Arizona State has  defense that has allowed a lot of plays over twenty yards.  Combination results in WVU have a tangible advantage here.

Keep ringing in the New Year and go with WVU minus the points in the Cactus Bowl.  Lots of action today, so grab that cup of coffee and search for leftovers on the party platter.  Still plenty of value there and in the bowl games today.  Come back later to the HRW Blog for NFL Free Picks later today. Good fortune and we will see you later here at HRWager.


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