Ravens Season Wins Total Recommendation for 2015

Season Win Futures for the NFL are sometimes slanted towards over achieving teams in the regular season.  The Bengals get a traditional bump from the linesmakers because of the hero that Andy Dalton is outside of the playoffs.  What to make of a team that plays their best in January?  HRWager is going to examine the season win future for 2015 that stands at 9 1/2 games for the Baltimore Ravens.  What are the schedule and player factors that could influence our wager recommendation for this NFL future?

   Ravens Season Wins : Bar at 9 1/2

A desire for marque matchups put the Ravens behind the eight ball right off of the bat.  Traveling to Denver is much better for Baltimore in the winter than at the end of summer due to the Peyton factor.  With loose muscles from the heat, Denver’s short passing game in combination with their rushing attack is too much for most NFL teams to break down in Week One.  Now getting out of the gate at 0-2 does not bode well for playoff chances and the second game is also on the West Coast.  Oakland is a winnable game but there is more fluctuation in this than in most years.

Ravens season wins

Key to the determination of how one thinks the Ravens will do comes late in the season.  How can they handle a stacked defense up front?  Joe does well but the Dolphin seven will have had gelled by this time.  This team will be a little down in the mouth when Miami manhandles them.  This leads to a spiral as Seattle and the Chiefs are back to back.  The Seahawks are not as much of a concern as the bruising KC squad is at the end.  For a franchise that usually finds their way in November and December, Baltimore will stumble in this area of the calendar.

It is easy to find several divisional splits for Baltimore.  The key to the 9 1/2 is that they get the West in both conferences this year.  At tough task even if the Niners are down and Seattle off a tick or two.  HRWager has the forecast for Baltimore and Ravnes’ fans will not be happy.  Under 9 1/2 for the season win total on Baltimore.  Good fortune and we will continue the NFL Season win speculation next time here at HRWager.



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