Ronda Rousey : My Rocking Body’s Purpose

Ronda Rousey is so exposed right now that even magazines like Cosmo are lining up to hear her takes on her body.  With a 2015 SI cover that propelled the swimsuit edition’s strong sales, she gives insight on some of her ideal weights and the reason why.  Find out why she actually packed on a few pounds instead of the customary diet that most who grace the cover go through.  HRW will also grace this article with some of our favorite pictures along the way so enjoy this visual Tour de Force.

Rousey : Setting the Example

In good conscious, she felt that her gracing the cover at 135 lbs would put even additional pressure for women to conform to the social “norms” on beauty.  So she bulked up to 150lbs. Ronda has gone on record that this number and not her normal fight weight is her ideal body type.  She quotes improved health and beauty that Ronda radiates at 150lbs being maximized.

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With such an extensive marital arts background from a young age, she had felt that her body type was not normal.  She realizes that the person is judged on the inside and that woman everywhere should be the mass and weight that promotes good health.  Stay tuned to HRWager when we publish our next piece on a sports trend setter that has such obvious visual appeal at any weight.






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