Payout Maximums

Our casino is limited to cash depositors only unless prior approval is given for credit card deposits.

In the event a credit card is accepted for play, we reserve the right to withhold any winnings for payout for 21 days for clearance of funds by our processor on each CC deposit.


In the event of a member winning in excess of $50,000 on a Progressive Jackpot in any of the casino games where a jackpot is offered, the member agrees to be photographed while receiving a check from one of our representatives and gives HRWAGER the exclusive right to use the photographic material at its own discretion for promotional purposes.

Max payout per week is $3000 month $9,999

In order to withdraw winnings from a Progressive Jackpot, proof of identity and proof of address must be provided. This is in line with our withdrawal policy.

The weekly limit on winnings of $20,000 but does not apply to progressive jackpot winnings.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following document carefully; by using the HRWAGER Casino services in any manner, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and understand that this document represents a binding contract between the end user of the site (the “Player”) and HRWager (“The Casino”)

  1. Please read the following document carefully; by using the HRWAGER Casino services in any manner, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and understand that this document represents a binding contract between the end user of the site (the “Player”) and HRWager (“The Casino”)
  2. The Player must be of legal age in the Player’s jurisdiction and must be at least 18 years of age to use any of The Casino’s services. Underage gambling is strictly forbidden at The Casino. It is the Player’s sole responsibility to ensure compliance with local and national laws. The Casino may at any time request proof of age documentation in order to comply with underage gambling prevention.
  3. The Player is solely responsible for the safety of account information. The casino will handle all Player information in a confidential and secure manner using industry standard security protocols. Any access to the player’s account using the correct player username and password shall be considered access by the account owner. Any security breach of the Player’s account information shall be the sole responsibility of the player and The Casino shall not be held responsible for any un-authorized access to the Player’s account.
  4. The Casino does not make any warranties, neither explicit nor implicit regarding the legal right of any Player to wager at The Casino. Neither shall any such representations be made by any of The Casino’s employees, affiliates, contractors, directors, agents or any 3rd party providers. Given that internet gambling laws vary widely throughout the world; it is the Player’s sole responsibility to ensure understanding and compliance with such laws and regulations in their own city, state or country. It is recommended to participate only in gambling events legal to the jurisdiction from where the Player connects or calls. The Player understands and accepts that The Casino is unable to provide any legal advice or assurances.
  5. The Casino strictly forbids more than one (1) account per individual, household and IP. Any violation of point 4. of this contract may result, at the sole discretion of The Casino, in the Player’s accounts being banned and all funds and winnings forfeited.
  6. The Casino may amend, change, delete or ad to any section of this contract at any time and without warning. Any changes shall become effective upon the time of posting to the internet. The action of updating this web page on the internet shall be deemed sufficient notice for the Player to be aware of such changes. It is the player’s responsibility to be aware of any changes. Usage of The Casino’s services after any possible changes are made constitutes binding acceptance of said changes. In the event the player does not accept any of the points of this contract, then the player may opt out by discontinuing use of The Casino’s Services.
  7. By participating in any of the services and various games (“Games”) offered by The Casino, the player agrees and acknowledges that:
    1. The Player does not find the website, the software, any of the games and services offered, as well as any other materials provided by The Casino to be indecent, offensive, unfair or objectionable in any manner.
    2. The information provided by the player is accurate and is not violating any of the points set forth in this document. In the event of inaccurate information being provided to the casino, or the Player violating any of the Terms set forth, the Casino in their sole discretion can disable the Player’s account(s) and withhold all funds.
    3. By placing a wager for real money, the Player’s actions are at The Player’s own risk and discretion. The Player understands that in any gambling game there is a risk of loss of money.
      Any payments made by the Player to The Casino may be handled by a 3rd party payment processing company and that as such the player is subject to any of the rules set forth by the 3rd party payment processing company.
    4. The Player shall pay in full any amounts owed to The Casino that may arise from the use of The Casino’s services. The Player agrees to not renounce, cancel or charge back any amounts processed by The Casino or the 3rd Party Payment Processing companies The Casino might subcontract. In the event that The Casino incurs in any collection costs, the Player shall be fully responsible for such costs.
    5. The Player is NOT a professional player. Professional play is strictly forbidden by The Casino. Players may only use the casino for personal, recreational and non-professional purposes.
      Any taxes related to any possible winnings are the sole responsibility of the player to report. The Casino will not report any winnings and encourages the Player to abide by local law. All information transmitted between the casino and the player is confidential.
    6. Any winnings deemed worthy of public recognition may be used, at The Casino’s sole discretion, for marketing purposes. The first name and the last name initials of the player may be used for such marketing purposes without prior warning to the player.
    7. The player shall not at any time use any automated means (including but not limited to electronic, robotic, programmed or mechanic) to access the site, the software or place any wagers or make any wagering decisions. Any such activity will result in player account suspension and the forfeiture of all winnings and funds.
    8. By participating in any of the Games offered by The Casino, the player warrants that the player understands the rules of each game played.
    9. The Player shall not, as defined in the sole discretion of The Casino, knowingly abuse any software error or vulnerability or use the services provided by The Casino in any way that is not according to the original intended use of such service. The casino has the right to withhold all winnings and confiscate funds to Players in violation of this rule.
    10. Any materials submitted by the Player for purposes of participation in any promotion become the sole property of The Casino.
    11. The Casino has the right to contact the player by mail, email and/or telephone regarding any possible issues or promotions related to The Casino. If the Player wishes to opt out of any such communications, the player must inform the casino via a written request to any of the methods listed on the contact page and include the Player’s casinos username and data of birth. The Casino shall remove the Player from whatever contact methods the player chooses to opt out of within 5 business days.
    12. It is the player’s sole responsibility to understand any promotional terms and conditions associated with a balance. The casino will make every possible effort to ensure the player understands any associated restrictions, but it is ultimately the player’s responsibility to understand any related Terms and Conditions of play.
  8. In the event of a dispute involving The Casino and any other party, The Casino shall act as final arbitrator. The Casino’s decisions shall be final and binding. All disputes must be presented within 2 days of the wager made.
  9. The Casino reserves full discretion to close any Player account at any time and without warning. Additionally it is the sole discretion of The Casino to reject any Player play, bonuses or other activity for any reason and without obligation to inform the player of such actions or the reasons of such actions.
  10. The Casino is committed to fighting fraud and underage gambling. To verify player identity and ensure constant fraud prevention, the casino may at any time, and even if such documentation had been provided in the past, request any of, but not limited to, the following proof of identity and residence:
    1. Photocopy of a valid government issued photo ID
    2. Signed authorized release form
    3. Up to date bank or utility statements with up to date address.
    4. Photocopy of the front and back of every Credit card used with regards to The Casino’s services.
  11. The Casino’s employees, distributors, providers, agents, wholesalers or the immediate family of each are strictly forbidden from participation in any of the services offered by The Casino.
    The Casino has the sole right to adjust, modify, add or remove any game or any feature within any game without warning or notice to the player.
  12. The Player shall hold The Casino and its associates, employees, directors, investors, providers, licensees, distributors, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, partners and 3rd party providers harmless for any monetary loss, loss of reputation, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from any relation with The Casino’s website, software, gambling games or contact with The Casino’s marketing or any other interaction between The Casino and The Player.
  13. If the Player is found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the Casino, or if the player makes malicious and/or untrue statements regarding The Casino, The Casino will reserve the right to publish the information of said Player’s activity with the casino as well as provide this information to other casinos, payment processors, banks and any other establishments and institutions the casino deems fit.
  14. If fraudulent activity is suspected the casino may at their sole discretion withhold the Player’s funds and freeze the Player’s account for the duration of any necessary investigation performed by the Casino. In the event The Casino finds the player guilty of fraud, as defined by The Casino, then the player shall have their account closed, winnings forfeit and funds withheld, as deemed appropriate by the casino. Additionally the casino reserves the right to share information of fraudulent players with other gaming entities and legal authorities. Players engaging in any of the following, but not limited to, activities shall be deemed fraudulent:
    Forming part of a gambling syndicate designed to profit from The Casino.

    1. If the Player provides misleading, false or incorrect information when opening an account with The Casino.
    2. Uses any automated means (including but not limited to electronic, robotic, programmed or mechanic) to access the site, the software or place any wagers or make any wagering decisions.
    3. The Player knowingly abuses any software error or vulnerability or uses the services provided by The Casino in any way that is not according to the original intended use of such service.
      The Player has more than one account in order to abuse The Casino’s promotions.
    4. If the Player alters, modifies or changes or misrepresents in any way any material related to The Casino, including but not limited to:
      • Game Screenshots
      • Terms and Conditions Records
      • Email Promotions
    5. If the Player’s name on the account does not match the name on any of the financial information related to The Player’s casino account, or any information provided by the Player to The Casino.
    6. If Player has reversed, denied, renounced, canceled or ‘charged-back’ any payments sent to The Casino or any other online gaming establishment. Players who are found to have a ‘charge back’ history at other casinos are not allowed to enjoy the services of our Casino. Unless otherwise provided by written consent from our management, player’s with such fraudulent history will have their accounts closed and winnings and deposits withheld.
  15. Any Player withdrawal from The Casino shall only be processed after sufficient documentation is provided to the Casino. The Casino shall make every effort possible to inform the player of the documentation required to process any possible withdrawal, but it is the Player’s responsibility to ensure all documentation is in order. Additional payout rules include:
    1. Payouts shall be processed at a maximum of $3,000.00 per week.
    2. The Casino shall cover fees on one payout per month except in the event of payouts from Free-No-Deposit-Required promotions. There may be other fees and restrictions that will apply to specific deposit methods as detailed on our banking page. Additionally, intermediary banks may charge their own fees on wire payouts.
    3. Where possible, payouts shall be made to the same payment method as funds received. However, The Casino may send the funds via any method the casino deems fit in the event that the original request cannot be processed as submitted by The Player. It is the Player’s responsibility to maintain accurate information in the Player’s casino account. Payouts will be done using the information in the Player’s account. Payments sent by the Casino using incorrect financial information due to player account inaccuracies are the Player’s sole responsibility and any costs to correct such inaccuracies shall be covered by the player.
    4. No payout shall be made under the amount of $100; no checks shall be issued under $1000 and no wires for under $2,500.00
    5. The player may reverse any pending cash out. Such reversals shall be treated as a deposit where valid and applicable bonuses may be used at HRWager discretion.
    6. Payouts shall be processed within 3-5 business day of payout approval. Additional restrictions based on payout method include, but are not limited to: 10 business days hold on credit card deposits (if the Player deposits using a Credit Card, no payouts shall be processed resulting from that deposit until a minimum of a 10 business day clearing time passes).
  16. Any violation of the promotional rules shall result in forfeit winnings. Standard promotional rules can be found below, although additional rules may apply to specific promotions:
    1. The Casino shall only allow one no deposit sign up bonus and one deposit sign up bonus per individual/household/IP
    2. The Casino may run different promotions for new accounts at any time. The player is not entitled to any new account promotions if the player already has an account.
    3. The Casino may terminate any promotion at any time and without prior warning.
    4. No wager shall exceed 10% of the original bankroll of a player. Wagers exceeding 10% of the player’s original bankroll may be deemed as bonus abuse and winnings forfeited. This with the exception of players whose current bankroll is 7x the original bankroll. In the event of a player having 7x the original bankroll, the player may make individual wagers of no more than 10% of total bankroll.
    5. HRWager reserves the right to refuse service to any person based on geographic domain or increase play through requirements for certain jurisdictions
    6. No promotion may be combined unless specifically stated otherwise.
    7. The Casino shall make every effort possible to only apply free money, no deposit money to accounts with a zero balance. However, if free money is applied to an account with an existing balance, then the wagering restrictions of the free money shall apply to the existing balance.
    8. If a player does not want to receive the free money offered by the Casino, then the player must inform the casino immediately so the casino may rectify the Player’s account. Requests for removal after any amount of the free money has been used will not be honored.
    9. The Casino offers bonuses as a way to attract and reward loyal and regular players. If a player is found to abuse the intentions of the promotions offered by The Casino, then the Player might become ineligible for such bonuses.
    10. Max cashouts are based on the the intial deposit amount only.
  17. The Casino grants the Player a non-exclusive, non-transferable personal sublicense to use the casino website and the software contained therein. All materials delivered to the Player by the Casino shall remain the intellectual property of The Casino and its licensees and providers. The player shall not obtain any rights to such materials expect for use in accordance to this agreement.
  18. Any and all accounts linked to bonus abuse will be closed and winnings forfeit.
  19. The Casino is licensed and regulated by the Government of the Republic Costa Rica. This document and the relationship between the Player and the Casino shall be governed and construed by the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. Shall any part of this document be found to be non-applicable or invalid for any reason, this shall not affect, to the extent applicable by law, the other parts of this document or the bond created from such and the Terms and Conditions remaining shall continue effective in full force.

Rules for the Individual Games

Specific rules may be provided for all individual games. Please check each games’ terms

Bonus Rollover

Wagering in any of the casino games does not count towards any bonus rollover requirements towards sporting events and HRWAGER shall make all decisions with regard to the application and retention of bonuses:

Casino games played with a bonus award will have a 60X rollover requirement

Casino rollover is excluded on blackjack, baccarat, craps, pai gow and roulette games.

All casino bonuses expired after 60 days from the day issued.

Disputes and Complaints

Complaints must be filed immediately.

HRWager reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of its promotions at any time. The player is responsible for consulting the website for updated rules. The player accepts and agrees to abide by both the terms and conditions of this agreement, as amended from time to time, and the rules of the casino games individually.

Certification of the Casino Games

All of the casino games on HRWAGER are certified for RNG accuracy.

All other house rules apply