The decisions of the Management will be final and binding in all matters between HRWAGER and members.
Laws regarding gaming vary throughout the world and internet gambling may be unlawful in some jurisdictions; it is therefore the responsibility of members to ensure that they understand and comply fully with any laws or regulations relevant to their own country/state/locale.
HRWAGER does not undertake to notify members that they have outstanding balances to collect.
Any wager made by the member will be HRWAGER ‘s liability in respect to any claim or loss.
HRWAGER shall reserve the right to suspend or withdraw any game from its wagering menu at its absolute discretion.
All personal details of all members will be held in confidence unless members agree to their identities and details being used for future publicity purposes unless the client does a electronic transfer dispute. We reserve the right to post your information on the world wide web if there is fraudulent activity in your account.
HRWAGER reserves the right to at any time, request documentation from a member before releasing a withdrawal or for general auditing or identification purposes.
In the event of the cancellation of any game for any reason, HRWAGERwill not be liable.
HRWAGER will not be liable in the following scenarios:
In the event of force majeure the failure of the HRWAGER central computer system or any part thereof for delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system for any loss as a result of any act of God for an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism for the acts of Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent) for fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout, or industrial action of any kind.
HRWAGER and the member shall not commit or purport to commit the other to honor any obligation other than is specifically provided for by these rules.
HRWAGER accepts no liability for any damages, which may be caused to the member by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the internet.
These rules constitute the entire agreement and understanding between HRWAGER and the member.
The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual member on a weekly basis is US$20,000.00. See below for large parlays and progressive jackpots related to our casino.
In the event that $50,000 or more of the weekly winnings is the result of a winning a 10, 11 or 12 team parlay or a $100,000.00 ‘Pick 13’ Parlay Challenge, then the weekly maximum winnings is raised to $120,000.
In the event of a member winning in excess of $50,000 on a progressive jackpot in any of the casino games where it is offered, the member agrees to be photographed while receiving a check from one of our representatives and gives HRWAGER the exclusive right to use the photographic material at its own discretion. The weekly limit on winnings of $20,000 does not apply to progressive jackpot winnings.
Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.
Warning: Gambling involves risk. By gambling on this website, you run the risk that you may lose money or suffer psychological injuries. You gamble at your own risk.