The agreement between HRWAGER and the member may be terminated at any time upon the request of the member as long as there is no balance and no pending wagers.

Or, if deemed necessary, HRWAGER reserves the right to limit a member’s play size or revoke the agreement between the member and HRWAGER. Reasons for limitation of plays or revocation of agreement are detailed below:

  1. Betting Syndicates: HRWAGER reserves the right to limit, exclude or confiscate the balance of any player who attempts to defraud the house either on his/her own or in collusion with other players or other sportsbooks.

    Other sanctions could include:

    • Administration fees
    • Refusal of payouts
    • Reversal of wagering transactions
  2. Abuse of System Vulnerability: If HRWAGERdetermines that a member is taking advantage of a vulnerability in the system (software error, malfunction or ‘bug’), we reserve the right to take some or

    all of the following actions:

    • Limit wagers
    • Close the account
    • Confiscate monies in the account, including deposits and winnings.
  3. Criminal Activity: If there is reason to believe that criminal or other suspicious activities are occurring through one or more accounts (including attempted money-laundering or fraud), HRWAGER reserves the right to close those accounts and/or report such activity to any applicable regulatory bodies or services. All account balances (including both deposits and any winnings) shall be forfeited.
  4. Player value to company