When placing a wager on ‘Odds to Win’ a race, wagers shall be deemed ‘no-action’ should the driver not start the race. For a motor sports match-up to be deemed ‘Action’ both drivers must start the race. The start of any motor race is defined as the signal to start the warm-up lap. The official winner at the conclusion of the race will be the winner for betting purposes. In League Championship wagering, drivers must race in at least one race during the season to be deemed ‘Action’.

The NASCAR.com website is our official source for the grading of all NASCAR wagers. The race must complete the scheduled number of laps and/or distance for specific proposition wagers (pertaining to number of laps and/or distance) to be deemed ‘Action’. Match-ups, finishing position props and future wagers will still have action regardless.

Rules for Finishing Top 3:

In the case of a tie or multiple players finishing in the top 3 position, wagers will be paid using our Dead Heat Rule.


If a race or qualifier is cancelled or postponed for any reason, all wagers will remain valid for 48 hours. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all wagers will be cancelled and all wagers on the event/driver will be refunded.

There are two main ways to bet on NASCAR and other motor racing events. Either on the out-right winner of the race or on the winner of a predetermined matchup.

Betting on the field means all drivers that are not listed on the win-outright prices.


  • (Straight Wager): Jeff Gordon 1/1 or 100 to win 100
  • Dale Jarrett 2/1 or 100 to win 200
  • Mark Martin 2/1 or 100 to win 200
  • Mark Skinner 5/2 or 100 to win 250
  • Dale Ernhardt 7/5 or 100 to win 140

If an alternate driver replaces a driver during the race, then the new driver will replace the old driver in all matchups and props.

Some driver vs. driver match ups may have a handicap. Example ( If Kyle Bush is -2.5 positions against another driver that means Kyle Bush must win that match up by 3 positions or more from where they finish at the race’s conclusion.)

When offering live betting on Nascar matchups, those matchups will be for the entire race.

Formula One Betting General Rules

Bets on Formula One (F1), Motor and Auto races are decided on the podium position of the day of the prize giving for the particular event, any changes in position after this time is not considered for settling purposes.

If two drivers abandon the race after completing the same number of laps, the respective head to head is deemed void, otherwise the driver who completes the most laps will be deemed the winner if both drivers fail to finish the race.

Betting on the field means all drivers that are not listed on the win-outright prices.

To win the race: 60% of the starting field must start the race for action.

Top 3 (podium) finishes: 80% of the starting field must start for action.

Drivers Matchups: Both drivers must start the race for action.