Run Line Bargain : Why the White Sox? 8/4

Why does our run line bargain of the day feature two teams in limbo?  For the visiting Rays, their intentions for the season were made obvious when they pawned off pieces at the trade deadline.  White Sox fans are in a state of limo as they see their team stall while the Cubs climb upward this year.  It is all about price and value in this edition of the HRWager Run Line Bargain of the Day!

Run Line Bargain : Choose Abreu

Run Line Bargain 8/4

Pitching matchup between Archer and Sale have a few hitters going well against the enemy but most have been handcuffed going into this one.

Sale has to avoid giving up another long bomb to Cabrera.  He is only 9 for 35 against him but two of the were the long variety.

Archer has gotten crushed by Abreu.  Owned him with 5 for 9 with two blasts.

What We Love

Everyone is enamored with Archer but his only recent performance of note was against a dead Detroit team.  Factoring that in, his stats are 0-4 with a 3.96 ERA.  So much of the mathematical models are linesmaker uses is for the overall. It can ignore recent trends that over ride the whole equation.

HRWager is high on the value in this one.  A -125 or so ML comes in at almost +175 at – 1 1/2.  One run wins are not in the forecast for this one.  To be blunt, if Chicago wins it will be by a lot.  So White Sox backers, go with the extra equity and wager Run Line today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.



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