Run Line Free Pick : Feast on Houston 7/28

Our run line free pick throws out the assumption that a game between two talented divisional rivals has to be a close affair.  If one takes a cursory glance at the game, the -120 Houston line appears to be correct.  Compare that to the massive jump up to the +170 neighborhood for spotting that additional run.  What has HRWager uncovered that should have you wagering the run line today in the 7/28 series opener of the Angels at Houston this evening.

Run Line Free Pick : Strong Stats

Run Line Free pick

If I were to tell you that Houston is in the top five in RL cover stats then this might get your interest.  When one starts pumping our a line like this then truly one takes pause at the keyboard to soak it in.

  • Houston RL favorite is 19-16.

With the vast majority of run lines spotting – 1 1/2 getting over +100, the risk seems to be warranted to take it.  What has many hitting the pause button is the potential of the Angels as an offensive team.

Weak Stats

Minute Maid Park is not kind to hitters and least of all Mike Trout.  He is at a clip below .200 here in almost twenty games.  Combine that the a starter hauling his gas can to the mound for LAA and they are in a heap of trouble.  CJ Wilson has been almost sporting a ten in ERA for his last few outings.  The Astros got to him in a 13-3 win earlier.  Even with Houston suffering slightly themselves in offensive production, CJ is the cure for what ails them tonight.

Finally, the matchups between these teams have been dictated by home field.  Minute Maid has allowed them to win six of their last seven at home.  Couple that with their home run line stats, and going the extra mile for the +175 is justified.  The HRWager Run Line of the Day are the Astros at +175.  Good fortune to us today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.

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