Runline Rampage from America’s Bookie on the Royals 8/5

Runline rampage

Runline Rampage from America’s Bookie trolled the halls at Comerica.  While the Donald could not be heard uttering his famous trademark, the Detroit GM was relieved of his duties.  That has put the entire franchise in the next level of chaos.  Tonight they call up one of the prospects they got in the David Price trade to go after the visiting Kansas City Royals.  With Cueto on the mound, the visitors are getting +100 for spotting the – 1 1/2.  Can they cover and make us feel the runline love at TGF?

Run Line Love : Better than Buck Farmer

Well anyone not named David Price has probably had more downs than ups this year.  Sanchez if off because his fast ball rides too high.  Simon has been fading.  Now Boyd gets called up from his minor stints.  He has slayed it with an under two ERA at double and triple A.  However he got his head handed too him when he was called up to the big show.  Had this not been against the motivated and multi faceted Royal team, he might have a chance.  He has the audition today but the stages hands have conspired to make it a tough act tonight.

Righting the Ship

Toronto got the best of them when both teams were gearing up for an August run.  Now the Royals must build momentum even if the AL Central does not require the to.  A chance to go to double digits with Cueto on the mound is all the incentive they need to keep their heads on straight.  Royal fans and the team have been tormented by Detroit for years.  More revenge tonight.

Price for the Royals to roll in this one with the Runline is – 1 1/2.  If it was based just on the math then this would be a no play.  However, the zeal that they tackle the Tigers is one of the better efforts you will see in a regular season game.  Couple that with Detroit just wanting this season to go away and the book is already written.  America’s Bookie recommends the Royals – 1 1/2 on 8/5.  Good fortune and we will talk again at TGF.


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