Sacramento Ty Lawson : Kings Upgrade with Latest Signing

Sacramento Ty Lawson

Upgrade for a franchise with too many centers saw Sacramento Ty Lawson come on board with a one year deal.  Great to see everyone here again at HRWager.  Today the Kings take a step that could get them in the playoffs.  Few can rival their depth in the front court.  Distribution of the ball and management of egos have always been the points of contention.  Find out from HRWager News how this simple signing could be a big leap forward for the Kings in the 2016 season.

Sacramento Ty Lawson : One Year

Such is the state of Ty Lawson’s career that he opted for a one year deal.  Part was that he signing longer could greatly reduce his earning power.  Teams are going to want to see the player he was for the Nuggets instead of the Rockets and Pacers failed test last year.  When he is healthy, his speed in the Mile High City gave opponents of the Nuggets a great many problems.  Last year, he got exiled to the one team that really does not play well with each other.  He and the Houston Rockets did not work well together.

Unfair Rap

A lot of this is not his fault.  Harden demands so much of the ball both in shots and handling that a player of Lawson’s ability wasted away.  Not only that but Ty also has to have his touches or he gets disinterested in the affairs of the team.  By the time he was shipped to the Pacers, there was only a handful of games for him to get into the mix.  The stint was too short.  Here in the Kings, he and Darren Collison are the only players of true ability to get the ball down the court with play making ability.  Look for this to be a marriage where both parties will benefit from this.

His speed on the court reminds one of John Wall.  If he has most of that and he can get along with Cousins then this Kings team should be a lower seed in the 2016 playoffs.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.


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