Saturday Wild Card Free Pick Steelers at Bengals


The team with the best unit on the field is a home underdog.  Let that sink into the collective consciousness here at HRWager.  We have the Steelers marching into Cincinnati for the late game as a three point favorite.  Best unit on either side of the ball right now is the Bengals defense.  So let us examine how the +3 Bengals got to this way and if AJ or an injured Dalton can get us some underdog ML love on 1/9.

Rank the Units



  • 1. Bengals Defense
  • 2. Steelers Offense
  • 3. Cincinnati Offense
  • 4. Steelers defense

Yes even with AJ McCarron at the helm, the Steelers defense is still the worst of the four units. Secondary allows entirely too many easy catches.  Remember that the Bengals were marching it up and down killing teams with Dalton.  Now AJ has had enough snaps to throw the passes on the routes he needs to know.  Lanes will be open and they will be rewarded with easy points in this one.

Le’Veon Bell

His being out reduces the effectiveness of the Steelers against very good defenses.  Double Brown at WR and take your chances with the rest of the team.  Blueprint on how to beat them was done by the Ravens a few weeks ago.  They only got in by beating the Walking Dead in Cleveland and having the Jets lose in Buffalo.  So many pundits are willing to dismiss that must win game fluke loss to Baltimore.  Marvin Lewis will go over that tape and if he can just emulate what they did, the Bengals are gold here.

Adversity and the triumph over it has never been the mantra of the franchise in Cincinnati.  However, this year they get a team that is far inferior to them.  All of this and they get home underdog status.  Easy slam dunk here.  No matter if it is Dalton or AJ, the Bengals have this one sewn up.  Cincinnati ML for your profit of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow with more NFL Free Picks.

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