SEC Football : Oklahoma Calling Out SEC Second Tier

SEC football appears to be back where it is used to be and that is on top.  With ten teams in the top ten, the dominance of the conference was exerted by them going undefeated against the Power Five.  Now we get a Big 12 team that is chirping ahead of time before it travels into SEC land.  Read on to find out what bluster Oklahoma is blowing with their upcoming game against Tennessee.

SEC Football : Mum is Stoops

SEC Football

Oklahoma is the same team that crowed til the cows came home about beating Bama in a bowl game.  Problem is that when you won two consecutive national championships, anything else is rather mundane.  People were of the opinion that it was the attitude of the Crimson Tide that decided the game more than the Sooners.  This time around against the Vols, Stoops has been quiet but the players on his team have picked up the beat from their drummer.  Eric Stirker has stated that he hopes that the first week does not get to their heads as the gas blown up their collective backside might cost them the game.  Some players have to learn not to poke the big dog with a stick in Week Two.


Oklahoma will live and die with how their Texas Tech quarterback transfer does here.  Baker Mayfield is blessed by having the yardage consuming back in Samaje Perine to take the heat off of him.  Meanwhile for the Vols, have a big three that will do damage.  Led by wideout Pig Howard, QB Joshua Dobbs could get him the ball often.  Both teams will light up the scoreboard in the Knowville night.

Our prediction of a high scoring game was echoed by the early money as the total has gone up from 61 all the way to 64.  As it stands right now, the home Vols are a one point underdog.  This is a very mortal Oklahoma team far from home.  The total has lost the value but not the spread.  Take the +1 and the Vols to the bank.  Good fortune and we will talk to you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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