SEC Football : Pair of Free Picks for Week Four

SEC Football

SEC Football has gone through a bumpy ride with the acknowledgment that Alabama is no longer the cream of the crop.  Can any team power through this conference undefeated?  This is important because on pedigree alone, a one loss team from here is not a shoe in anymore.  With that in contention, the wagering on this conference will be even more intense because may horses can now finish the race in first.  So for Week Four in college football, let HRWager look at some of the more value packed games to profit from.

     Mississippi State at Auburn (-1.5)

Money has been pouring in on what has to be considered a soft line.  -4 was the initial offering on a team that is continually accused of phoning it in.  If a team with a lack of focus can not get it right at the start, what happens when they are downtrodden from the trouncing by LSU?  Carl Lawson will not be playing in this one.  The Tigers starting QB has been usurped.  Dak Prescott for Mississippi State is too much of a talent to not avail himself of the plumb in the SEC schedule.  Take the Money Line Dog here.

     Road Warrior : Missouri No More?

Could the sterling road record of Missouri in the SEC be tested by the likes of Kentucky?  In this reboot of the SEC, do not let the program names automatically disqualify teams.  Do not get me wrong, Kentucky is not that special.  It is just that Missouri’s offense is that lack luster.  One and a half points per drive is what Mizzou is putting up these days.  Difference in this one is the talent distribution is unequal in one position.  Wide receivers by the boat load does this Wildcats team possess.  An imbalance that the Missouri defense will not be able to contain all day long.  This is why Kentucky is – 2 1/2 and should be your bet to cover.

Good fortune in these two SEC Free Picks.  We will be back tomorrow to reap more profit from the fertile fields of college football.



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