Simple Money Making NHL Wagering System

Words like system and the public used in conjunction should come with a seizure warning to some.  To contemplate that the complex mathematical models that the linesmakers can be broken through by using public consensus was unimaginable.  Yet this came to bear fruit last year after the thirty day trial garnered us profit.  Enough time has elapsed in the 2015 season for the masses to get their bearings straight.  So let us go over exactly what this entails and how simple it is to stack some holiday cash here at HRWager.

Consensus Price Rule


When two teams are very close to each other at the top of the Covers NHL consensus list for the day, we go to the tiebreaker.  If the price between the two is at fifty or more point gulf then the second team should be wagered on instead.  The Washington caps are near -190 while the Rangers are at -125.  This is certainly more than fifty so one would play the Rangers.

That Simple?

Yes it was last year during a thirty day stretch.  We emerged with profit and smiles all around the tree.  Hopefully this holiday will be no different.  Can the linesmakers system be that fraught with error when trying to quantify the human condition in the NHL?  We think so and that Joe Six Pack has enough refinement en masse to pick them off.  Good fortune to you HRWager because we are storming the gates with NHL Wagering for one month.

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