Soccer Free Pick : Jamaica and the USA 7/22

Suddenly our soccer free picks are cashing with frequent regularity.  All one has to do was to fade Costa Rica scoring in the Gold Cup and cash was yours.  Now that the Ticos are gone, where will our next bankroll boost come from?  The Stars and Stripes are a potential source of profit with their high scoring ways.  In their path is Jamaica.  This semifinal should be more free wheeling than some of the cautious affairs of the Gold Cup quarter finals.  Sit back with HRWager as we tackle the US and Jamaica this evening starting at 6PM.

Soccer Free Pick : 7/22 Goal Fest

Soccer Free Pick 7/22

Entertaining viewing for soccer fans is on store for this evening. The USA has demonstrated that they will push the pace when they feel a talent advantage goes their way.  The destruction of Cuba by a 6-0 score illustrates this.  They take on a Jamaican team that has scored in every one of their games so far.  With an influx of MLS players onto their national team, the free flowing action should go both ways this evening.


Action on the Pitch and the Ticket

The three way line sees the USA at a chalky level near -270 or so.  A draw has some allure in the +200’s while the upset win by the island nation is for hail mary bettors.  Stars and Stripes has the advantage here but HRWager is confident that both teams will score.  Jamaica has two facets to their attack that will vex the USA.

1.  Outside speed

2..  Goal scoring ability in the form of Garath McCleary

Tweet Says it All

HRWager could not put it better than the US Soccer Twitter account did.

MB: We know Jamaica well. They have a unique blend of organization and discipline and also athleticism.

    Why will the USA triumph here?  The factor that holds dominion over all other is fresh legs.  Jamaica played in Copa and has seen much more action.  17 of their twenty three players are in both tourneys.  This equates to running the into the ground.  If a goal is given up then so be it as the United States is looking to score many this evening.  The HRWager Free Pick for this Gold Cup Semifinal is the over 2 1/2 goals.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW Blog.


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