Soccer News : EPL Week Two Action

Soccer News

HRWager brings Soccer News as the English Premier League is ready to launch Week Two Action.  Great to see everyone assembled here on a Tuesday here at HRWager.  Leicester City had a stumble to start their defense as they lost to Hull 2-1 in the opener.  What teams have pinged our radar for entertainment and profit value?  Let us see right now here at the HRW.

Soccer News : Paul Pogba

Manchester United is in a state of excitement as Paul Pogba is playing for them again. His contract certainly broke the bank but the 23 year old midfielder has the talent to back up the bucks.   Friday night Southhampton will not know what hit them when they visit Man U.  The atmosphere should be off the hook for both fans in attendance and those watching at home or in bars.  The three way line should be embraced with a Man U victory but avoid spread wagering as Jose Mourinho of Chelsea fame is managing Man U now.  His games are tight affairs once his team gets the lead.  Close win for the home team here is our projection.


Can Sadio Do it Again?

Man of the first week could very well be Sadio Mane of Liverpool.  He destroyed Arsenal both with his physical style and speed.  A wild 4-3 win was punctuated by his splendid goal to seal the game.  Now they get newly promoted Burnley in league action.  Liverpool will find the way very congested as they will face a very conservative attack that is just looking to restrict the blood letting and keep it respectable.  Look for a zero score bet on Burnley’s offense to be your winning wager in this 3PM game on Saturday.

Good fortune with our EPL picks of the week.  Hope abounds for most clubs as it is still early.  Even Burnley will try to scratch and claw for a draw as they travel to Liverpool.  Our selections will greatly benefit from the home crowds this weekend.  Great to see you and we will check back in on Wednesday here at HRWager.


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