Sports Handicapping Slump Busters : Emulate the Dodger’s Pederson

Sports handicapping is all about confidence and knowing that multiple paths to success exist.  Even when the tried and true that go you there has failed, one does not have to pitch in the towel.  Look at Joc Pederson as your example to get over that hump.  He has been struggling to get out of an almost season long slump.  Instead of just pitching it in, he has devised another method to be valuable at the plate.  Find out how this is doing and what other means are available for you to get out of your own bankroll out of jeopardy when adversity hits.

Sports Handicapping : Slump Buster

Sport Handicapping

Two games in a row and one would think that the opposing pitchers would have caught on.  Joc Pederson walked three times again to help the Dodgers win 4-3 over the Phillies.  Almost two weeks without even a sniff of a hit, he has found another means for his team to profit from him being in the game.  This was a man who made the All-Star game his rookie year with twenty home runs.  Now he is under .172 since that point.  However, by adjusting his mind set with his swing and down things differently, he is staying in the lineup.

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