Continues to Garner Rave Reviews in 2021 Continues to Garner Rave Reviews in 2021

When it comes to finding an online sportsbook backed by a strong track record over an extended period of time, has become a highly popular choice over the past several years. Launched over a decade ago in Costa Rica, this is one of the few offshore sportsbooks operating online that really knows how to cater to the US market.

Many of today’s US players have a myriad of online betting sites to choose from. Yet, heading into 2021 and a new round of online sportsbook reviews, continues to earn high marks in every major category.

This includes safe and fair online play. That has been the cornerstone of this betting site’s success over the past 10 years plus. The ownership group behind has always been committed to making your online betting experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Through a sophisticated online betting platform that contains an advanced mobile interface, reliability along with a deep level of online security has allowed this site to live up to that commitment.

Through an in-house team of IT professionals, upgrades to the operating system as well as software solutions keep well ahead of the constant changes taking place in the entire sports betting industry.

The main attraction of this online betting site is the actual betting board. It would be hard to find another online book offering a wider selection of betting options across an ever wider collection of sports and sporting events. may cater to US players but the scope and range of its betting board is truly global.

Along with an expansive listing of betting options is an extensive menu of available wager types. Even through straight bets on point spreads and total lines account for most of the daily and weekly action coming in, goes out of its way to provide an almost never-ending number of ways to diversity your sports betting strategy.

One of the fastest growing segments of the online sportsbook is live in-game betting. This lets you add as much betting excitement you want to all the action on the field, court or ice after the game has gotten underway.

Betting lines are constantly adjusted during natural breaks in the game. This lets you double down on bets going your way or hedge those bets if the game takes some unexpected twists and turns.

Other live in-game betting options are tied to different “what happens next” scenarios. This would include a football team’s next drive or a basketball team’s next possession. You can bet half innings in baseball along with power plays in ice hockey.

Everything offers from a betting standpoint is tied together with one of the most generous promotional programs in the entire sports betting industry.

Whether you are looking for bonus offers tied to ongoing deposits or ways to cash-in on customer referrals, there are some easy ways to boost the balance in your online betting account.

Sports is king at but you can also get in on all the betting action covering the daily live racing card at your favorite horse track. You can also play Las Vegas-style slots and table games at the site’s online casino.


Customize Your Betting Dashboard at

Customize Your Betting Dashboard at

Over the past decade or so, online sportsbook has come to understand what sports bettors are looking for. Given the rapid changes that continue to take place throughout the entire sports betting industry, this online book also knows how to quickly adapt to those changes in what has become a highly competitive marketplace.

By anticipating what today’s active sports bettors are looking for in an online betting site, continues to garner high marks across the board as a top-rated online book.

When you first log into your online betting account, you will be greeted by an extensive menu of options on the left-hand side of the home page. This includes tabs for:

  • Sports Betting Lines
  • Dynamic Betting Lines for live in-game wagers
  • SIM Betting Lines for eSports
  • A Prop Building Tool

You will also have access to digital and live-dealer casino games, a racebook for betting horses, gaming pools and contests and a live poker room. The menu’s final two tabs are for the site’s cashier and bonus redemptions.

The main attraction on your home page is a bettor’s dashboard. This is a comprehensive summary of all your online betting activity. Pertinent information on specific promotional incentives provides everything you need to know when it comes to boosting your online betting bankroll.

There is a What’s New section pointing out ways to supplement your sports betting activity. You will also find the day’s available live poker tournaments as well as any open betting pools or contests.

The most important aspect of your online dashboard is your current betting activity as well as past history. This keeps you up to date on any open bets you may have along with your recent results. You can also click through to a longer timeframe covering any site activity.

The main purpose of a player’s dashboard is to provide a quick overview covering every aspect of your online betting account. This is an excellent way to make the most of your online betting experience. Everything that is included on the player dashboard can be explored in deeper detail by clicking through the tabs.

Another important way that stays way ahead of the sports betting industry’s ever-changing technological curve is through an advance mobile betting platform geared toward any handheld device with internet access.

Industry studies continue to confirm that online sports betting is driving the growth of the entire sports betting industry. Online applications geared toward mobile betting on the go make up the majority of today’s online activity. continues to make substantial investments into its entire internal operating system. This ensures that your online sports betting experience will be reliable, safe and secure. These investments carry over to the mobile sports betting platform to enhance that online betting experience as well.

With the proper operating system in-place, is free to focus on what it does best. An in-house team of sports betting experts working with various external oddsmaking services guarantee that you will always find what your are looking for as far as overall betting options.

This allows you to create a diversified online sports betting strategy that offers the best possible return on investment. This applies to the heavy hitters as well as the weekend warriors in the realm of online sports betting.

Build Your Own Super Bowl Props at

Build Your Own Super Bowl Props at

Offshore sportsbooks operating an online betting platform have been the backbone of the sports betting industry for more than two decades. They know exactly what today’s avid sports bettors are looking for with an expanded list of betting options covering a wide variety of sports and sporting events.

For the past decade plus, has been perfecting the online sports betting process to become a top-rated online sportsbook in the industry. Part pioneer, part innovator, this online betting site has attracted a large betting base both in the US market and on a global scale.

As an industry pioneer, you can count on consistent and reliable service that lets you make the most out of your online betting experience.

As an industry innovator, is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to enhancing  your online betting experience. A perfect example of this is the new Prop Builder tool on your betting dashboard.

Prop bets have become an excellent way to supplement your overall sports betting strategy with high-value betting options for every game in every major sport.

Just about every major online sportsbook offers game, team and player props these days. However, decided to go one step farther by giving you the ability to build your own betting props.

A menu of betting options lets you focus in on the betting options that interest you the most. Some bettors like to concentrate of team scoring props. Others are more interested in individual player performance measures.

Whatever the case may be, gives you complete control over your prop betting menu. This comprehensive and interactive betting tool is both easy to use and yet complex in its design.

The available sports run across the top of the screen. There is a Build option to create custom props. There is also a Quick Pick option that contains the most popular prop options. You can also build props that fall into the classification of an OVER/UNDER wager.

An advanced prop builder option allows you to search for a specific player while also selecting your own particular stat. Using the OVER/UNDER option, you can calculate your own betting odds for that particular scenario.

As mentioned, the prop builder option can be used for every game in every major sport. puts you in total control over the prop options you are looking to bet on.

The biggest single-game prop betting event of the year is the NFL’s annual Super Bowl. This year’s game will take place on Sunday, Feb. 7 between the Kansas City Chiefs as AFC Champions and the NFC Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Interestingly enough, this season’s game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

While every online book will offer a grocery list of prop bet options for the big game, is leading the way with its Prop Builder technology. You get to decide which props you want to bet on for this game. You also get custom odds that add value to your overall Super Bowl betting strategy.

There has never been a better time than now to open a new online betting account at The site’s unique Prop Builder is just one of the reasons why this is the best online sportsbook for all your sports wagering activity. Offers the Complete iGaming Package Offers the Complete iGaming Package

There has been a major shift towards online gambling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While the ongoing health crisis has accelerated the growth rate over the past year, more and more sports betting, horse betting and Las Vegas-style gaming has been shifting that way in recent years. was launched in 2014 as primarily an online sportsbook catering to the US market. While the site has always been global in both its scope and range, it has grown to become a top-rated site for US players.

Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group comes from a long background in the sports betting industry. The company also has strong ties to online gambling through its proprietary software solutions for all forms of iGaming.

This includes an online racebook for horse betting and an online casino equipped with slots, digital table games and live-dealer streaming capabilities. You can even tap into daily poker tournaments through an online poker room.

Everything has been rolled up into one comprehensive site that can meet all of your real money online gambling needs. is not only a highly rated betting site in the sports betting industry, it is a major player in the entire online gambling industry.

By opening an online betting account at, you are opening the door to a safe and secure online betting experience. You can also add fun and excitement to the list.

Where else can you bet on Sunday’s big game, enjoy a full card of horse racing at your favorite track and test your card playing skills through a couple of hands of live-dealer Blackjack or a Texas Hold’em poker tournament.

One online account offers fast and easy access to everything on this list. Generous promotional offers are tied to each form of online gambling. There is an overall incentive program designed to reward customer loyalty.

The term ‘bookie’ will always have strong ties to betting on sports. However, in a rapidly changing business environment, bookmaking covers the entire scope of real money gambling.

As all of these activities continue to gravitate to online play, continues to lead the way as a true industry pioneer. More importantly, you can also think of this site as an industry innovator.

Through an in-house team of online gambling software experts, this site continues to push the boundaries surrounding the online gaming environment. One of the company’s primary goals is to make your online gambling experience safe and enjoyable. That has never been truer than today.

While the actual software running the online betting platform is highly complex in its design, it has been built with the end consumer in mind. The site is easy to navigate. Everything your are looking for is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Along with a world class online betting site, also offers world class customer service. From registering online for a new account to requesting a withdrawal after a big hit, everything is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable in-house team of customer service representatives.

Access has been streamlined through the use of the most modern technology. A live rep is available to help in anyway possible 24 hours a day, every day of the year.



Make the Switch to and Expect the Unexpected

Make the Switch to and Expect the Unexpected

New Year’s resolutions are big this time of the year. Some progressive types are always looking for ways to change their habits and improve their experiences. Sport bettors tend to be creatures of habit that unfortunately stay stuck in their current rut.

You might be coming off another losing effort with your sports betting strategy. Maybe you are bored with the same tired betting board. Perhaps your betting bankroll is getting beaten up with non-competitive betting options.

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to shake things up with a resolution to improve your overall sports betting experience in 2021.

Now is also the perfect time to check out everything has to offer. While on the surface, things may look the same with expanded sports betting, horse betting through the online racebook and Las Vegas-style online casino games.

You need to dig a bit deeper to get a true sense of what is all about. This is an online gambling site with strong ties to the roots of offshore books running an online betting platform. Based in Costa Rica, it has been catering to US players for more than a decade.

This is also an online gambling site that is taking an innovative approach to the future of the entire gaming industry.

Sports betting and casino gambling is as big as it ever was with one major exception. Action at land-based venues is rapidly shifting to online and mobile betting applications. As more and more online betting options enter the marketplace, is committed to raising the bar to maintain its status as a top-rated online betting site.

From the site’s eye-popping graphics to comprehensive betting menu, everything you are looking for is presented in clear and concise manner.

The left-hand side of the homepage says it all. Whether you are interested in placing a wager on tonight’s big game or getting into today’s live poker tournament, everything is just a click away.

The bettor’s online dashboard can be fully customized to your particular needs. The dashboard is also a quick way to review any active bets you may have in place or a quick recap of last week’s results.

This site was designed by sports betting experts with the help of IT sports betting specialists. All the processes are constantly being upgraded to offer an even more enjoyable and productive online experience.

Two new options added to the menu are Dynamic Lines 2 and Prop Builder. The first expands the number of live-in game betting options for that particular day. If you are into betting live international women’s soccer, that option is on the board.

All you need to do is pick your sport and Dynamic Lines 2 will guide you in the right direction.

The other new betting feature is Prop Builder. Why wait for a site to list all the available props when you have the ability to build your own? Prop Builder takes things to a whole new level when it comes to expanding your existing betting strategy.

These are just a few of the ways that delivers the unexpected when it comes to any form of online gambling.

If you are tired of settling for the same old tired approach to generating some betting action on your favorite sports and sporting events, it is time to take a trip to the future of online sports betting at

Dial-Up This Year’s Online Betting Experience at

Dial-Up This Year’s Online Betting Experience at

The sports betting industry continues to evolve at a very fast pace. The expansion of betting options are on the rise as more and more individual states enter the market. While the US sportsbook industry is growing at a rapid pace, offshore books catering to the US market through their online betting platforms still take in the majority of the action.

One of the main reason’s why offshore books are as popular as ever is the overall variety they can offer and the US books cannot match.

Strict state regulations keep the US books from offering an expanded betting board. This is especially true when it comes to betting on college football and basketball. Heavy tax burdens also impact the competitiveness of US books. In most cases, the have to charge a full 10 percent commission with no leeway for reduced juice options to drive overall revenue.

When it comes to finding the best offshore books offering online betting to US players, tops the list. This site is based in Costa Rica as an ideal country when it comes to a favorable regulatory jurisdiction.

Over the past decade, has taken full advantage of the situation to attract a large US betting base. By building out its betting board with a wide array of sports and sporting events, both novice sports bettors and action junkies can find what they are looking for.

Even with all the cancelled or postponed games and events in 2020, managed to fill its board with viable betting alternatives such as obscure international sports, esports and non-sporting activities such as politics and entertainment.

As a result of last year’s diversification efforts, the 2021 betting calendar will be full of new and interesting things to wager on.

Another byproduct of last year’s issues is an expanded online racebook for betting on horses and even dogs. always offered online horse betting across a wide variety of tracks. Most were concentrated in North America. That offering has been expanded to include racing hotspots in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai.

This year, horse betting fans will now have access to almost any racetrack offering a live daily card. The site has also expanded its coverage of the biggest graded stakes races of the year. This includes more betting options in the online sportsbook for wagers such as horse racing futures, head-to-head betting odds and individual race props.

The Sport of Kings has never been more popular with a strong crossover of sports betting fans. You can count on to provide everything your are looking for to supplement your sports betting strategy with a few timely wagers on the ponies.

Another online gambling activity that enjoyed a huge spike in popularity is authentic Las Vegas-style slots, video poker and table games. Leading the way were online progressive jackpot slots and live casino dealer table games for popular options such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

At, your single online betting account lets you bet on tonight’s big game while also covering the featured race at your favorite horse track. To spice things up even more, you can test your card playing skill by playing a few hands of Blackjack at a live dealer table in the online casino.

Earn Better Rewards for Your Frequent Sports Bets at

Earn Better Rewards for Your Frequent Sports Bets at

Just about every online sportsbook offers a matching deposit bonus for new customers opening up an online betting account. However, only a handful of online books go all in with incentives rewarding continued customer loyalty.

Topping that list is For the past decade, this online book has risen through the ranks to become a top-ranked online sports betting site. Behind a dedicated ownership team based in Costa Rica, this seasoned group of sports betting experts know how to do things right.

This group also understands the value of loyal customers. In an expanding marketplace that has suddenly become extremely competitive, is more than willing to take care of its loyal customers with a comprehensive Frequent Player Reward program.

Some online sportsbook reward programs focus mainly on bets placed. Players can receive points for every bet they make. The points can be saved and then redeemed for free plays and other perks down the road.

While these types of plans are beneficial to frequent bettors, they still come with specific terms and conditions. Certain betting options may not qualify for points such as futures and props. None the less, points are awarded for straight bets and parlays as two of the most popular betting options, so there still is some definite value. takes a different approach to its customer loyalty rewards program. Everything is based on monthly deposits. The more deposits made, the bigger the rewards.

An initial deposit of $100 or more into an online account on or after the first of the month is eligible for a 50 percent Free Play Bonus. This comes with a very manageable rollover of just 4x. The second and third deposit of $100 or more during the same month with earn a $50 Free Play. The beauty of this Free Play is that it comes with no extra cost.

Free plays are an excellent way to boost an online betting account. Even when things do not go your way over the course of a month, is there to help supplement that loss.

Through its 10% Free Play Rebate on total net losses, your account will be credited on the first Monday of the following month. The total credit is 10 percent of the net loss. The program renews itself each and every month of the year. The 10 percent boost is a great way to make a fresh start on the next month’s sports betting activity.

These are just some of the ways takes care of its loyal betting customers on an ongoing basis. More and more players are joining the ranks of sports bettors placing all of their monthly action at this highly popular online betting venue.

Also keep in mind that every player is entitled to one free payout every 30 days. By eliminating the costly fees associated with most withdrawal requests, this is another great way to boost your betting bankroll.

As a full-service online gambling site, you can also bet the daily card at your favorite horse racing tracks. An expanded online racebook covers a wide variety of tracks across North America as well as international racing hot spots in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai.

If you are looking for Las Vegas-style slots, video poker and table games, you can use your online account to try your luck and test your skill at’s online casino. This includes live-dealer table games.

Expand Your Overall Sports Betting Strategy at

Expand Your Overall Sports Betting Strategy at

As an avid sports fan and bettor, you should always review your betting strategy on a regular basis. Even if you are just a weekend warrior, it is important to know what has worked and what has been a drain on the betting bankroll.

Too many recreational sports bettors fall into a predictable pattern with their betting habits. They place the same exact bets on every sport they wager on. Part of that can be attributed to the rather vanilla approach many sportsbooks take to building out their betting board.

Books in the US are further hampered in their variety of options due to the various rules and betting restrictions in each different state they operate in. One of the biggest benefits of betting with an offshore book operating an online betting platform is taking full advantage of a built out betting board.

Leading the way for the past decade is Licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction of Costa Rica, this offshore book has all the leeway in the world to expand its betting options for a wide variety of sports and sporting events. The only limit this online book has in place is the imagination of its oddsmakers and line setters.

By expanding your betting strategy for your favorite betting sports, you are actually increasing your chances to win. Too many bettors zero in on betting the spread for football and basketball along with the total line. They turn to a money line bet when it comes to baseball and hockey.

There are plenty of other ways to bet on these four main sports. posts a full set of competitive money line bets for every NFL and NBA game. You can also finds these odds posted for most college football and basketball games.

Your can also bet adjusted spreads and alternate lines for the games. You will find three-way lines that add odds for betting on a tie in regulation. Futures odds for all the major sports add a long-term betting option.

Wagering on game, team and player props for individual games is an excellent way to diversify your betting strategy. They can be used to enhance any straight bets you may have on the game.

For example, if you bet the OVER on the total for Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs’ game, you may want to bet the OVER on the prop for total Patrick Mahomes’ touchdown throws. also offers live in-game betting for a wide array of sports. This can range from Thursday night’s national NBA games on TNT to international soccer matches covering any number of different leagues around the world.

There is nothing more exciting than betting on a game after it has gotten underway. The betting lines and odds are constantly updated depending on what is happening on the field, court or ice. Live betting odds also cover different “what happens next” scenarios tied to that particular sport.

In reality, the only limits you face betting with is your imagination. Once you register with the site and make an initial deposit into your online betting account, you will have instant access to everything on the board that day. offers an online betting platform that is easy to navigate. There is also an advanced mobile betting interface that is compatible with any handheld device with internet access.

Get The Most Up-to-Date Betting Odds at

Get The Most Up-to-Date Betting Odds at

Sports bettors are always looking for an edge against the sportsbooks when betting the games. online sportsbook is one of the few that is more than happy to provide one. Based in Costa Rica, this offshore book offers an advanced online betting platform to handle all of your action.

This site was created to meet the needs of today’s avid player looking for a variety of ways to add even more excitement to their favorite sports and sporting events. It offers an expanded betting board with highly competitive betting lines and odds.

Whether you are betting Sunday’s big NFL showdown or an international soccer match, there are always a variety of ways to place a timely wager. From straight bets on the side to a parlay ticket up to 15 teams, you create your own betting strategy to meet your betting needs.

Over the past several years, has developed strong business relationships with some of the top oddsmaking services in the world. It also employs in-house sports betting experts to build out a board that more than meets your betting needs.

From the time a betting line is first released to the start of an actual game, you can easily track any line movements on a real time basis. You can monitor these moves and then pull the trigger on an actual bet when you get the number you were looking for.

Site navigation has been designed to guide you every step of the way through the betting process. Real time betting guarantees that you lock in the lines you were looking for.

One of the best ways to bet on the games is after they have gotten underway. Live in-game betting is available for a variety of sporting events. Live options include dynamic betting lines for:

  • Game, Quarters and Halves
  • Alternative Spreads and Totals
  • Specialty Props for Game, Quarters and Halves
  • “What Happens Next” Options

All the betting lines and odds are updated on a continuous basis during normal commercial breaks in the game. From start to finish, there is never a lull in the betting action. offers a comprehensive lineup of promotional and incentive offers. One of the easiest ways to reduce costs and enhance returns is through “reduced juice” betting options.

A good example of this would be NFL total lines. Most online books will move the betting line while keeping the juice on either side at -110. The typical listing appears on the board as follows:

Chicago Bears:        Over 48.5 (-110)

Green Bay Packers: Under 48.5 (-110)

This same listing at might be listed as follows:

Chicago Bears:         Over 48 (-125)

Green Bay Packers:  Under 48 (+105)

In this scenario, each book is trying to shift some betting money towards the UNDER in this game. Instead of just moving the line, is willing to return $105 on a $100 bet to wager that way.

Saving money on the juice when you lose or generating plus-money when you win can help your overall return on investment over the course of an entire season.

Do yourself a favor heading into a new week of action and shop’s betting lines against your current book. You will find more than a few ways to gain an edge on the wagers you ultimately place.

Get More College Football Betting Options at HR Wager

Get More College Football Betting Options at HR Wager

For the past eight years, has grown to become one of the most popular online sportsbooks with avid US bettors. Along with a full range of sports betting options, you can also bet the horses at your favorite live track or test your luck and playing skill on Las Vegas-style online casino games.

While has established itself as a full-service online wagering site, it is still best known as the ultimate way to bet on the games you love. As one of the biggest betting sports in the US market, this online book has recently ramped up its efforts to expand its college football betting options.

Pay Per Head – Online Sports Wagering Software

This season is finally in full swing with four of the five major conferences in action. The lone holdout is the Pac-12. However, this West Coast conference returns to action in early November. This gives sports fans and bettors alike, two solid months of college football action heading into 2021.

The NFL may attract more betting volume when it comes to football. Yet, the diversity of teams within the college ranks adds more value to the betting lines. still leads with a full set of spreads and totals for all the games but added options such as money lines and props expand this coverage.

Online Sports Betting- How to Bet On Football

Whether you are betting the SEC or Sun Belt, employs the latest online wagering technology to enhance the experience. Taking things to a whole new level are live in-game betting options for the biggest showdowns on the slate. Betting a football game after the opening kickoff is the best way to add even more excitement to all the action on the field.

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, this online book is owned and operated by sports betting experts with an extensive background in online gambling applications. By taking a highly professional approach to gambling online, the entire experience from start to finish is seamless.

Fast and easy banking options are in place to quickly fund your online wagering account as well as request withdrawals. offers the use of Bitcoin as a primary banking option. This is the fastest, safest and easiest way to move funds in and out of your betting account.

Another huge plus is this site’s overall promotional plan. From bonuses tied to regular deposits to gambler’s insurance on any monthly net loss, there are any number of ways to boost your online betting bankroll. With some of the lowest rollover requirements in the online sportsbook industry, it is easy to take advantage of these deposit bonus offers.

The biggest draw of this online sportsbook is still its overall betting board. There is something for anyone looking for action on their favorite sports. As mentioned, the college football board has been expanded throughout the season as more and more games fill out each week’s schedule.

From parlays to if-bets and teasers, you can expand your overall betting strategy. Quarter and first half lines add options to betting the spread on sides and the total. Through the use of an advanced mobile platform, bettors on the go can always place a few timely wagers.

Do yourself a favor and check out ahead of this Saturday’s slate of college football action. You will enjoy the most exciting online betting experience available in today’s sports betting industry.