Sportsbook Bonus : Lay it on the Line with HRWager

Sportsbook Bonus

Sportsbook bonus and promotions go hand in hand at HRWager.  We believe in bestowing our valuable clients many proverbial bites from the apple.  One of the more popular methods to do this is with a Free Play Bonus added at the time of deposit.  This allows ample leeway to safely maneuver through the land mines of the NFL and college football.  In that spirit, we have a limited time offer for those that would prefer to lay if on the line before deciding to pull the rip cord and use a free play as a parachute.

Sportsbook Bonus : Bold Move

Bankroll management is the tried and true method to grind out that profit during the course of the football season.  However, what happens when one sees such an opportunity to strike quickly at that once in a season lean.  We all know that one line that is so far out of whack with your logic that it appears to be a license to print money.  This is the bonus for those that what to strike quickly and double down out of the gate.  The following are the details of the Lay it on the Line Bonus offer.

  1.  Offer is in effect for deposits now up to October 3rd.
  2. Specify on your deposit that you would like no bonus.
  3. On the Lay it on the Line Wager, you must call it in and wager the entire deposit up to $500.
  4. Win and the money is yours with the promotional hold time of ten days for cashout.
  5. If the bet losses, call back and ask for a free play in the amount of the wager.  10x rollover with no hold time once it is met.


That is the phone number to get the keys of the kingdom to open your account up to profit.  Week Three was an explosive profit making event for our client base.  Football action this weekend has that similar feel with some lines already experiencing ample movement.  So quick hitters, free yourself up from restriction and Lay it on the Line today.  Good fortune and call now as our experienced customer service staff is on hand to guide you to this unique wagering opportunity here at HRWager.

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