Stanley Cup Final : End of the Road in Pittsburgh? 6/9

Stanley Cup FInal

Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final brings an elimination attempt by the Pittsburgh Penguins this evening. San Jose was never really in it the last time out and this has pushed them to the edge.  Now most fans and the oddsmakers see the Penguins as the favorite to seal the deal tonight.  Good morning hockey fans at HRWager. -140 moneyline was the initial bar that betting Pittsburgh would cost an investor.  Where has the market driven it to and what is the correct decision to profit by for when the puck drops at 8PM this Thursday.

Stanley Cup Final : Feeding Frenzy?!

The terminology of feeding frenzy would normally be associated with the Sharks but alas their physical brand of hockey has not inflicted its toll.  For one game did it appear that Pittsburgh was worn down.  Game Four was a reversal of that trend and now the Penguins are one game from their goal.  The flurry of wagering activity seems to reinforce this as investors are taking increasing prices to bet on Pittsburgh.  A market migration of -140 to -180 on the home team has the bandwagon pretty full at this point.  So where do we advise HRWager friends and family to go with this evening?


Incredible that the Penguins have not trailed once in regulation in this series.  Stats like this have the masses railing the Pens tonight.  $1k are standing room tickets tonight for a city that has not won a championship at home since 1960.  Now these intangibles combine with their real world advantages here.  Speed, scoring chances, and shots are all heavily skewed towards the Penguins.  What hurts the Sharks tonight is the continued absence of Tomad Hertl.  His line with Pavelski and Thronton had done some damage.  With Karlsson inserted into the mix, they were not as potent in Game 4.

Sharks inexperience in this type of situation will show.  Yes they have played in elimination games in their history but rarely before such a hungry crowd as tonight.  This is a moment in Pittsburgh history that the fans will be up for.  All the advantages are too much to overcome for the home team.  Pittsburgh up to the -200 moneyline level should be invested in tonight.  Be part of Penguin history and profit from it tonight with a Penguins bet in your hand.  Good fortune and we will see you at the ticket window tomorrow morning.


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