Steelers Gamble : Push of all NFL Pushes

By the time the smoked cleared on the Steelers gamble, most people could not comprehend how it happened.  By all logical thought, everyone expected the game to go into over time where the Steelers +4 line would be taken out of the equation.  Instead, who knew that Mike Tomlin had that much riverboat gambler in him.  HRWager is going to review what has to be one of the oddest plays in all of football wagering history.

Steelers Gamble

An odd drive by all accounts started with a normal kickoff out of the endzone.  However, this is when the person at the helm of the clock decided to go full steam ahead.  Over ten seconds ticked off and no one noticed.  Did not matter until the end as the Steelers went down the field.  Pittsburgh go it down to the one yard line with five seconds left when this happened.

The Wagering Experience

This is the kind of action that one desires with the world of sports investment.  A stirring moment that dashed the hopes of the backers of the Chargers ML.  A lot of people laid heavy chalk on the theory of the second string quarterback.  Combine that with the east team traveling that far out west was too much for them.  Those that had the Steelers ML as the underdog were dancing in the street as lighting struck on that final bell.  Congrats to those that cashed and this is why you bet at HRWager Charger’s fans.  That free play in your pocket for your deposit keeps you in the game when Mike Tomlin rips it away from you.  Good fortune to your bets today and we will check back later here at HRWager.





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