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Reflection with our Sunday Sports Update can give the sports handicapper another vantage point that might escape his attention.  By considering and augmenting some of our stances, improvements can be made on the leaks that we all have.  This week had several instances where teams or even prices in the market have shattered our preconceptions.  So sit back with HRWager as we go forward with some of the key developments that are in the works in the world of sport.

Sunday Sports Update : Angels Price on 7/19

07/19 09:18 AM   +106   -116
07/19 09:14 AM   +109   -119
07/19 09:14 AM   +111   -121
07/19 09:10 AM   +114   -124
07/19 08:28 AM   +115   -125
07/19 08:09 AM   +120   -130
07/19 08:08 AM   +121   -131
07/19 08:00 AM   +122   -132
07/19 06:26 AM   +120   -130
07/19 12:21 AM   +122   -132
07/19 12:20 AM   +124   -134
07/18 10:46 PM   +130   -140
07/18 01:04 PM   +125   -135
     This is the market reaction to the Red Sox at the Angels tonight.  Two factors are in play for the decrease in the Boston price.  One is that a boat load of New England money has come in on the home team.  National broadcasted games do this.  The second is that a Boston rookie is on the bump.  Most of the time he has been on with two starts he got crushed out of the gate.  The play here is either the Boston ML or the Angels Runline.  Make your own determination on how Eduardo Rodriguez (Boston) will come out and wager accordingly.

Stars and Stripes Soccer

Whom ever thought the national soccer program for the United States men’s side could make so much progress?  They were being beaten by the likes of Iran just a decade or so ago.  Now they crushed Cuba 6-0 to reach the Gold Cup semifinals.  Double digits could have been reached if the dogs  were not called off.  This coupled with Costa Rica’s struggles in this tournament highlight that some of moves both up and down that the non powers of soccer could have.  CR faces Mexico today and could easily be a two goal win for the Mexican side.

Sunday Sports UpdateFinally, plan on some Monday morning British Open wagering.  This tournament has been delayed due to extreme wind on Saturday.  It got so potent that Brooks Koepka’s ball on the eleventh would not sit still on the green.  Hard to get a quality read on the green when no stationary point exists where you put.  Dustin Johnson is in the lead so far.  Will Jordan Spieth show more of that inner resolve and triumph over this scenario?  So sit back, enjoy the end of the weekend, and get in those Sunday Night Baseball picks.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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