Super Bowl 50 News : Degrees of Being in the Dog House

Super Bowl 50 is here and the reactions are starting to come in before the game.  Happy Sunday and greetings from your friends at HRWager.  With fans and sports investors unloading, there is going to be a segment of the population that is not going to understand.  Especially when it is just the man’s money and the girlfriend is aghast at what he spent on tickets.  That and what are the latest wagering developments in the doghouse for Denver.  All of this right now here at the HRW.

Super Bowl 50 News : Im going to San Fransisco

Denver fans were at the big game two years ago.  Some missed out and probably made a vow.  Next time their team makes it to the championship, I will be there.  One such person saved away his money and when they vanquished the Patriots, he unloaded.  From Ohio, four ticket and such ran him over $20K and drained his bank account.  Watch as the woman goes on an epic rant caught by the soon to be ex on his cell phone.


“Maybe if you stayed your ass home, they would have a better chance.” is how this feisty woman ends her rant.

Denver’s Chances

Might have gotten a little better if the flow of money is any indication.  While still slanted, the line has contracted back to Denver +5.  The next few hours might be pivotal in getting the Broncos at a decent value.  Momentum and steam are key aspects of wagering.  If you are going Denver and have not hit password confirm then now is the time to do so before the line can get potentially out of hand.

This is the day when bankrolls blossom or go belly up.  Advantage for those that utilize HRWager for their betting needs is the promotions.  They keep you in the game should our radar be slightly off for Super Bowl 50.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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