Super Bowl 50 News : Players and Their Money

HRWager’s Super Bowl 50 News today is dominated by money and how the players spend their money.  Some are unavoidable expenses while a few came out of nowhere.  Deeds whether good or not came with a price tag for two Denver players.  Find out all this right now from your friends at the HRW.

Super Bowl 50 News : $2k Baby

Super Bowl 50 News

Denver punter found out the hard way there is no age limit in regards to Super Bowl tickets.  His two week old can fly for free but to see their daddy play costs the same $1,800 as it would anyone else.  I can see the father wanting his kids to be there and in the pictures for a pivotal point in life.  The mother got talked into it and kudos for him being quick on his feet.

Bronco Prostitution

A player that was not going to see the light of the day on the field now will not even be in the stadium.  Ryan Murphy was the recipient of San Fransisco’s efforts to combat human trafficking.  The dragnet was thrown and Ryan got netted for solicitation charges.  Now he is on the way home and likely will not be a Bronco any more because of this minor black eye for the organization.

Finally, the good old tax code reared its mandatory head.  Peyton had to pay a lot two years ago but now California takes it all.  The jock tax is an extra burden to the highest state income tax in the nation.  A splash in the bucket for all the stars but the boderline players will feel the pinch come April 15th.  Good fortune to you today and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.



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