Super Bowl 50 News : Remainder of the Bird

HRWager’s Super Bowl 50 news goes right to the heart of the matter when it comes to a traditional feasting requirement for your football fandom.  All over this great nation, people gorge themselves on chicken wings as one of their staples before, during, and after the action has been completed.  Find out how much of this tasty treat is consumed from your friends at the HRW.

First a Message From the Beer Party

What goes good with those chicken wings is an ice cold beer.  Now Bud Light might not be the choice for all or heck even many, but they do put on a quality commercial.  Playing on the double blessing that this is an election year, watch as they roll out what will be one of the better Super Bowl 50 ads out there.

1.3 Billion Chicken Wings

This number is inconceivable to imagine.  Legions of chickens making their way to the processing plants is mind boggling.  So with each bird only having two wings, what goes on with the rest of the bird during the rush to get this?  Well no part is wasted.  Some will go to animal feed and others will be put in coolers to be hawked around the nation.  Look for some good specials on thighs and bone in breast in the upcoming weeks.

Hardest selection might be the sauce for the Big Game.  Why is that?  Because our Super Bowl 50 Free Picks will starting marching out on Friday!  Start the weekend with this invaluable information given in hopes of seeing bankrolls blossom.  Good fortune today and we will see you later here at the HRW.


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