Super Bowl 50 News : Tie In With Stock Market

More than a few items that come across the Super Bowl 50 News has no logical reason as to being there or working.  This even is more about the end result than anything else.  More people will take irregular stances on their gut in this game than any other.  Others will turn to systems that predicted the past very well but have no guarantee of following the norm the next year.  One of these is tied into the Stock Market.  Here at HRWager, we will explain how more than a few superstitious investors will be watching how SB 50 will turn out on February 7th.

Holding Serve Since 2008

Super Bowl 50 NEws

The following is the “formula” or predictor that has been correct since the Giants won the Super Bowl in 08.

  1. Win by an original NFL team before the merger means the market will be up.
  2. AFL being victorious means a market slide for the year overall
  3. Teams made after the merger would represent their own conference.


What it Means For Super Bowl 50

Carolina would have the investors dancing in the street as it would mean that the tide should be overall rising for this year’s investments.  Denver would be a downer and the market might tank as a result of it.  Would you double down on the team you think would win or hedge once the results and bets are graded?

Omens, harbingers, and portents seems to combine for the big game.  Not only an event for Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 but a way of life that goes on from that point forward.  So whether you are an investor or hustle stocks for a living, keep one eye on the television for February 7th as who knows how it might affect your dollars and cents for the rest of 2016.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.



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