Super Bowl 50 Wagering : Carolina’s Lone Loss!

Our Super Bowl 50 Wagering angle for today is to determine if Carolina or Denver can learn more from the Panthers’ lone loss.  Was it a matter of attrition during the regular season or are their exploits that Carolina has not plugged.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  As we are only one day away, we are setting our ducks in a row for heavy leans on this Super Bowl.  This article could bolster your intuition or serve as a moment to pause to reconsider before hitting password confirm on your account today.

20-13 Falcons

Super Bowl 50 Wagering

There were a few narrow escapes but at the end, the percentage of close games near the end won out.  This was the only loss by Carolina and we will take stock on how it happened.  A lot of it went to the offensive philosophy that Atlanta was able to employ that day.  Balance was more than the word of the day in Week 16.  30 plays each for the passing and rushing attacks. This yeoman effort ground down a mentally exhausted team to the tune of a 36 to 24 advantage in time of possession.  Now the Panthers were able to obtain clear cut leads in their playoff games so this exploit was not available.  However, the  experience of the Broncos should help in keeping it close early on.

Jailbreak Wide Receiver

This is where your judgment of Demaryius Thomas comes into play.  How close in jail break ability is he to Julio Jones?  Get close to the mark on this and the fortunes of Denver will be revealed.  A key 70 yard td in the third quarter was the pivotal point in this game.  Norman aside, this Carolina defense is vulnerable to blown coverages and being burned deep.  Look at the YAC of Thomas and how many over 20 yard plays he has and compare them to Jones for your answer.

Finally, third down conversions will be the key.  Manning does not have the arm to manufacture success on long routes anymore.  Can a team that dinks and dunk wear down the Panthers?  Oddly enough, it will be the Denver running game that will determine a lot in here.  The Panthers have learned but are more vulnerable to being worn down at this stage of the year.  If the Broncos can run well then you have the winning wager for the Mile High City in front of you.

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